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The most flexible solution for customers and businesses to book and manage time-limited slots for in-store shopping

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Set up booking slots to suit your retail spaces individually, add buffer times for hygiene processes, check in and out with QR codes, and export customer data with ease.

Easy to configure

Straightforward set-ups can be implemented rapidly, receiving bookings the moment set-up is complete. Our team is on-hand to offer any support required. 

Simple to use

Hassle-free booking for customers. Employees manage all bookings in real-time, on-the-go from one device. Easy to integrate the system into all communication touchpoints.

An end-to-end solution for your retail spaces and branches

Book and Shop App functionality

  • Assign time-limited shopping slots as required, with separate set-ups for each retail space, if needed.
  • Automatically include time between appointments to ensure sanitisation of rooms and equipment takes place, varying set-ups for different services.
  • Contact tracing taken care of. Easily filter data to show a customer you need to track, and all the contacts they had during their visit. Then export or print.
  • Live in store function allows staff to monitor the number of customers currently in store and the time left in their shopping session. Staff can also see if there are unused slots available in a session, allowing customers waiting outside to enter.
  • Staff can easily check customers in and out, either by scanning the QR they received in their booking confirmation or manually checking them out using the app.

Appointment booking

  • Customers book a shopping slot in just a few clicks from any of your communication channels.
  • Customise your booking form to gather all the information you need from customers beforehand. Request an email or phone number to send confirmation and reminders.
  • A unique identifier option ensures that the data for repeat customers will not be duplicated in your database.
  • Option to include a QR code for check-in and check-out in the confirmation email customers receive immediately after booking.

Location management and monitoring

  • Monitor and manage all locations across your network from a central location, using our Branch Manager tool.
  • Freedom to allow each branch to manage and configure their own settings, services and resources.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of metrics across your entire network, giving at-a-glance insights into company-wide performance or individual branches.
  • Complete visibility and control of all your resources. Upload and manage employees, rooms and equipment for every branch.

Customer workflow

1. Appointment Booking

Customer books an appointment. Immediately receives an email confirmation with the details of their time slot. If activated, they also receive a QR code to be used for checking in at the store. 

2. Check-in

On arrival, a staff member checks a customer in by checking their booking details or by scanning their QR code. Once checked in, staff can monitor the time remaining on the booking slot, while customers see their countdown on their smartphone.

3. Live in Store functionality

Store staff can see the total number of customers currently in store and, if the capacity for that time period is not filled, they can check in customers queuing outside without an appointment.

4. Check-out

When the customer is ready to leave, staff can check them out manually from a mobile device, or by scanning the QR code. Both the customer and staff will receive confirmation of the successful check out.

A solution for retail businesses of any size

The Book and Shop system has been developed for retail businesses requiring a robust and complete booking solution, often across a large network. However, SMBs who require a simpler solution will also find variable functionality that can meet a wide range of needs.

In addition to controlled in-store shopping, manage one-to-one appointment booking (in-person or via video call), group events, or controlled access to facilities for set numbers of people in a set time period.

To discuss further functionality or request a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact our team. After understanding your unique needs, they will happily recommend a solution that fits.
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Additional advanced functionality

We offer specialised functionality like dedicated AWS API instance, on-premises database and more.

First class data protection

All personal data is protected to the highest standards, compliant with all GDPR regulations.

Seamless IT integration

Easily integrate TIMIFY with other third-party software, or access our REST API to integrate TIMIFY to your existing IT infrastructure.

Expert support

From concept to launch and beyond, you’ll have an expert TIMIFY consultant by your side every step of the way.
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