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Learn how Zweirad - Center Stadler GmbH improved workshop operations and customer satisfaction by implementing TIMIFY across their 22 stores in Germany and Austria.

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Germany, Austria

Use case

Appointment Booking

Explore how Zweirad - Center Stadler GmbH achieved significant advantages by streamlining their scheduling processes and capturing crucial customer information through appointment booking. This case study delves into how the implementation of TIMIFY improved billing accuracy, boosted customer satisfaction, enhanced workshop efficiency, and optimised warehouse utilisation.

The Company

Zweirad - Center Stadler, the largest bicycle dealer in Germany, has been a trusted name in the industry since its establishment in 1936. With 21 locations in Germany and one in Austria, and a dedicated workforce of approximately 1500 employees*, the company has earned a reputation for its extensive range, expert guidance, and competitive pricing. As a top-ranked family business in Germany, Zweirad - Center Stadler continues to prioritize customer satisfaction.  
*(as of summer 2023)

Given the rising demand from our customers for fixed repair appointments, we naturally wanted to respond and sought a solution that would be highly customer-friendly and could smoothly integrate into our existing workflows. Since the implementation of Timify, our customers can now book their appointments from anywhere, regardless of our opening hours. With this information, we can offer a more personalized and enhanced service.
Peter Glötzl-Stadler - Executive Director, Zweirad-Center Stadler GmbH
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Before adopting TIMIFY, Zweirad - Center Stadler GmbH encountered several challenges in managing their appointment bookings. The process heavily relied on phone calls, resulting in time-consuming conversations and limited staff availability. Gathering essential customer information, such as insurance details and leasing packages, was also a struggle, leading to missed billing opportunities.

The use of paper diaries for appointments hindered actionable data analysis and impeded internal processes. Furthermore, the continuous influx of phone calls during busy periods led to frustrated customers leaving negative reviews. Additionally, manually entering customer information upon bike drop-off caused delays, while insufficient workshop capacity resulted in longer turnaround times.

The Solution

Zweirad - Center Stadler initially piloted TIMIFY in two of their largest stores, drawing from their experience with the tool during the pandemic. Encouraged by positive results and numerous benefits, they decided to implement TIMIFY across all 22 locations.

The company used TIMIFY's Branch Manager Add-on to onboard and configure the remaining stores, ensuring consistency in service offerings, resource allocation, and booking availability. Additionally, they customised the booking widget to align with their brand and seamlessly integrated it into their website.  

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The Results

  • ​​​​​​More personalised service

The implementation of TIMIFY enabled Zweirad - Center Stadler GmbH to collect essential customer information upfront. By incorporating specific questions about insurance coverage and leasing packages into the booking process, the company gained valuable insights previously unattainable. This prepared them for each customer's visit, ensuring a more efficient and tailored service.

  • Improved billing accuracy

Gathering this valuable information also led to a significant improvement in billing accuracy, as employees were able to determine each customer's specific leasing and service packages, leading to accurate cost estimates. This eliminated the issues of undercharging or providing services for free, resulting in improved revenue generation.

  • Increased customer satisfaction

Moreover, the integration of online appointment booking reduced phone line congestion, offering customers easier access to book, cancel, or reschedule appointments. Wait times were reduced, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

  • Streamlined process and faster turnaround times

Customers who booked appointments online enjoyed the convenience of a dedicated check-in counter upon arrival. With all essential information automatically collected and available in the TIMIFY system, employees could focus more on customer needs rather than manual data entry. This streamlined the process of receiving and handling bikes, resulting in faster turnaround times. Approximately 80% of bikes were repaired and checked within 24 hours, reducing the need for long-term warehouse storage. This improved customer experience and increased the likelihood of repeat business.

  • Centralised and local management

Furthermore, Stadler benefits from the easy and fast implementation of TIMIFY across all their stores. With the assistance of the Branch Manager platform, they seamlessly onboarded all stores and resources. This centralised approach allows them to efficiently manage all stores and resources, whether on a global scale or at an individual store level.

  • Bookings and resource data

The TIMIFY system also provides valuable data that enables Stadler to make informed decisions and optimise their booking strategy. By analysing the data, they can identify peak booking times, popular services, and resource allocation needs.

Future Plans

Zweirad - Center Stadler plans to expand their online booking services to include options such as test drives or bike consultations. They aim to cater to the high-end e-bike market segment by providing personalised and tailored services through the ability to book specific experts for extensive consultations.

Additionally, they are considering dedicated time slots for customers picking up new bikes. This allows for thorough explanations regarding bike functionality, guarantees, maintenance, and all relevant information needed for a smooth transition.

Looking ahead, TIMIFY will be utilised to coordinate the leasing process when customers pick up their new bikes, streamlining the experience by enabling customers to book multiple services in a single appointment