TIMIFY Affiliate
Partner Program

Introduce your customers to the best in appointment
booking services while earning a recurring 30% commission
when they become paying TIMIFY customers.

Who should become a partner

Agencies, Freelancers, and Consultants

Agencies, Freelancers, and Consultants

Are you an expert and trusted advisor for digital marketing and SaaS solutions? Refer us to your clients and grow your business along with us.

SaaS Businesses with complementary offers

Does your business have complementary products and audiences? Awesome! Expand your revenue streams with TIMIFY.


experience timify 10 years

Experience Matters

TIMIFY is a trusted appointment solution for businesses of all sizes and industries. With over a decade of experience, we provide an innovative and reliable appointment booking software to schedule and manage appointments, resources, and time more efficiently.

first class support

First-Class Support

We take pride in being there for our clients and partners, working hand in hand in order to provide the best possible support and information needed throughout the entire journey. We are happy to assist however we can, whenever you may need it.

life time commission

Life-time Commission

We believe in fair and long-term partnerships. That is why we allow our partners to participate throughout the entire customer lifetime.


How the Affiliate Program Works

Get an Affiliate Link

After successfully applying to our Affiliate Program, you will receive full access to our affiliate dashboard and obtain your unique affiliate link.

Share the Link

Spread the word about TIMIFY. Promote and refer us to your audience and clients. Your unique affiliate link tracks when a new customer has clicked and signed up.

Earn Commission

Earn a 30% recurring commission each month your referrals renew their subscription. You can track your earnings in the affiliate dashboard at any time.


We have all the answers

How much money can I make?
No, there is no limit on both the amount of commission and affiliates you can have! We offer lifetime commissions, so the longer your affiliates remain paying customers, the more commission you make!
Can I refer myself?
No, you are not allowed to refer yourself.
When will the commission be paid?
Commissions are paid no later than 4 weeks after the first payment of your affiliate is made.
Where can I find the Term & Conditions?
What are the restrictions?
The best kind of affiliate marketing are authentic recommendations to an audience that knows you. Do not attempt to misslead people into thinking your company is TIMIFY or you are an employee of TIMIFY. It is not allowed to bid on branded search terms such as "TIMIFY" and "TIMIFY Pricing", if you are running paid search campaigns.
What are the cost for TIMIFY
We offer different paid plans for our customers. You can find the prices here: https://www.timify.com/en-gb/plans. Please note: commissions are always based on the plan pricing. Add-Ons or custom services are not part of the commission model for affiliates.
How does the application process work and when will I find out that I am approved?
As soon as you send us your request through the application form, our team will review it and you will receive feedback within 3 days. When you get approved, we will send you a link through which you can create your affiliate account. You are now ready to generate your first affiliates.
Can I sign up on behalf of my clients?
Yes, you may use your referral link to create an account on behalf of your client. We suggest you use your clients exiting email so that the account owner is set correctly. Please note that the account has to be confirmed by your client through a verification email when registered.
How long are the Cookies valid?
Cookies are valid for up to 30 days. This means that your client has up to 30 days after using your referral link to sign up for either Premium or Enterprise. After the 30 days your client will no longer be able to join your affiliate list.