Saint Maclou

Find out how Saint Maclou, a flooring and installation specialist, used TIMIFY to launch online booking for its personalised decorating consultations across multiple digital channels.

Saint Maclou
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Saint Maclou






Use case

Appointment scheduling

The integration of TIMIFY has transformed the Saint Maclou customer experience. Customers can book consultations with experts over the phone, in-person at the shop or at home, and use video calls to show consultants their home and present their renovation plans.

The company

Saint Maclou is a home furnishings company based in France. They are the market leader in floor coverings and an expert in installation. Saint Maclou has been in business for almost 60 years and has 140 shops.

The ability for calendars to sync in both directions and the openness of the solution to future enhancements by our developers were key benefits. Furthermore, the initial implementation was very fast, while being intuitive enough for our teams to quickly become autonomous with all major functions.
Laurent Marteel - Omnichannel Project Manager, Saint Maclou

The requirement

As part of a wider digital transformation, Saint Maclou wanted to launch the ability for customers to book multi-channel appointments. The appointments would offer new options for customers to consult specialists from home, but also arrange in-store pick-ups or contactless delivery for their purchases.

The challenges

Saint Maclou wanted online booking live and into the consciousness of customers as quickly as possible, but also enough flexibility to develop the solution internally in future, creating some key challenges for the integration.

  • With the digital transformation taking place during COVID-19 restrictions on physical shopping, a swift and trouble-free launch of online appointment scheduling was crucial in maintaining communication and support for customers
  • Synchronisation with existing calendar platforms vital to a successful integration
  • A solution flexible enough to allow quick installation and setup, but also future adaptation and customisation by in-house development teams over time, broadening the use of TIMIFY across different services.

The solution

Saint Maclou wanted online booking live and into the consciousness of customers as quickly as possible, but also enough flexibility to develop the solution internally in future, creating some key challenges for the integration.

  • Online appointment scheduling fully integrated across a variety of channels, allowing customers to book appointments at home, in-store or by phone or video call
  • Customers have complete control of their appointment booking, choosing their preferred service, channel, and store location, as well as online controls to reschedule or cancel at any time
  • In-store teams are automatically alerted to new appointments, as well as reminders sent to both customers and staff
  • The shared calendar gives a clear view of appointment availability and aids effective resource planning
  • Two-way calendar synchronisation ensures error-free booking across the business, without the need to change existing platforms familiar to staff
- 30%
Reduction in waiting times
30% +
Higher utilisation in non-peak times
25% +
More efficient internal processes

Key points for success

A mixture of TIMIFY functionality and dedicated support before, during and after launch helped make the system an undoubted success story for Saint Maclou.

  • In part due to the fast integration during the pandemic, appointment booking has proven a key engagement driver for new customers, for both staff consultations and arranging in-store pickups
  • Appointments let customers explain and show (via video) their home improvement plans, allowing better preparation and personalisation for appointments and product recommendations
  • The company have seen an improved conversion rate, increased average basket and better customer knowledge of products and services. The remote sales team set up during the pandemic has been so successful it will continue even after restrictions lift
  • First class support - from a thorough demonstration and free trial, through to dedicated collaboration between development teams that included production, testing, training and ongoing support. Support was delivered in French, including a dedicated hotline to the TIMIFY Key Account Team.

Future developments

Providing an alternative customer care and sales channel during the pandemic has been a major positive for the company and will continue as long as required, before being adapted to remain as a core service in future.

A new integration between TIMIFY and Microsoft Dynamix will also make major improvements to the effectiveness of customer data profiles and a fully synchronised, company-wide database.