Simplify Online Booking for Biking Services and Repairs

Streamline Operations and Boost Customer Satisfaction

Streamline customer interactions, optimize employee schedules, and provide exceptional service through easy and convenient appointment scheduling.

Online Booking for Biking Services and Repairs
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Booking Solutions for Bicycle Shops of Any Size

Regardless of whether you operate a small independent shop or belong to a larger group of shops, our platform can be tailored to accommodate the specific requirements of your business, ensuring a smooth and efficient appointment booking process for both you and your customers.

Benefits of using TIMIFY

For all your scheduling needs

For all your scheduling needs

Provide convenient access to your services for customers on their own terms. Our flexible platform allows you to set up and customize your services based on your shop's specific needs and logic.

  • Pre-Sales Services: Make it effortless for customers to book services like bike and accessory selection or test drives, ensuring a smooth and personalized experience before making a purchase.
  • After-Sales Services: Extend your service availability by offering online booking for maintenance, repairs, tune-ups, and in-store pickups. Streamline the process, reduce wait times, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Enhance the customer experience

Enhance the customer experience


  • Reduce waiting times

Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to schedule appointments in advance, eliminating the frustration of long queues. 

Customers who book appointments are guaranteed to receive the personalised attention they deserve, while walk-ins can be served without long wait times.

  • Optimal communication

Improve satisfaction by sending appointment confirmation, reminders and follow-ups automatically. Allow customers to easily cancel and reschedule their appointments at their own convenience.

Efficient resource management

Efficient resource management

Our system offers a clear and real-time view of complete resource availability such as your team, rooms or equipment, this allows you to easily plan and manage your team shifts, booking availability, holidays, sick days, and more. 

Any schedule changes are synchronised and updated in real time across all devices, calendars and third-party software, with notifications according to your preferences.

  • Control, configure and manage all your stores from a single account or individually per store via TIMIFY Branch Manager dashboard
  • Gain valuable statistic data per store or globally about customer behaviour and resource availability
  • Customisable booking widget with location finder for convenience
  • Integrations with other systems via TIMIFY Marketplace or RESTful API
  • A call center integration, allowing you to use one system for all your appointment requirements

Efficient Appointment Booking for Multiple Stores

If you're a multiple store owner and want to integrate appointment booking across all your locations, nationally or internationally, we are here to help:


Top TIMIFY features for bike stores

shared calendar

Shared calendar

Manage your business and customer engagements from a single view. Stay in sync with all your team members, set automatic confirmations and reminders, and manage bookings on different devices.

Calendar sync

Calendar sync

Meetings and bookings are added to your calendar automatically, then synced to any other calendars you choose, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365

Automated communication

Automated communication

Automatically send appointment confirmations and reminders by SMS or email, plus requests for customers to review your services straight after an appointment via our Survey App.

Data fields

Data fields

Capturing customer information during the booking process to gather valuable information for targeted marketing campaigns and follow-ups.

credit card

Online payments

Offer customers the convenience of paying for your services during the booking process, using their credit or debit card via our integration with Stripe and Paypal.

Custom CRM

Custom CRM

Build your client database as you wish. Create profiles, add notes, assign tags and access booking history at all times. Or integrate with other CRM systems such as Hubspot.