Learn how TIMIFY helped JOKA optimize their planning process, manage employees more efficiently, and increase customer satisfaction at all their locations across Germany and Austria.

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Use case

Online Appointment Booking

Even before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, W. & L. Jordan GmbH was looking for ways to simplify its three-stage sales model, in which a large part of the customer consultation is carried out in their showrooms. During the lockdown, not only did their technical systems mature, but also their customers' understanding of online appointment booking. 

The company started with a pilot project introducing TIMIFY’s booking system for consultations in their showrooms at selected locations. The advantages quickly became apparent: better appointment planning, more efficient personnel management, and more satisfied customers. Such positive experiences made it an easy decision to roll out TIMIFY across all German and Austrian locations, which was quickly accepted by both customers and employees.

The Company

JOKA Zentrale Bodenbeläge

Tradition and innovation go hand in hand at Jordan: Founded in Kassel in 1919, the family-owned company W. & L. Jordan GmbH is now in its fourth generation and is represented at 79 locations in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, and Italy. With its brands JOKA and INKU, W. & L. Jordan GmbH is known internationally for products that combine modern design, functionality, and sustainability. This makes Jordan one of the leading suppliers of floor coverings, doors, wood, wood-based materials, sun protection, and home textiles for the upscale residential and commercial sectors.

In the showrooms across the various regions, customers can also receive expert advice from Jordan employees and experience the products in-person.

Social, ecological, and environmental responsibility is also particularly important to the company. For example, W. & L. Jordan GmbH has launched the "Baumpate" reforestation project together with the Jordan Foundation. In addition, Jordan also shows social commitment in the sporting field, taking responsibility for promoting top-class German sport, and thus supports, for example, aspiring biathletes in their careers.

Under the motto: "Dynamic, innovative, reliable", employees and customers are motivators for entrepreneurial action. In this spirit, the company is constantly developing in an efficient, future-oriented, and humane way.

"With TIMIFY, we have taken a step towards the digital future. The simple usability of the tool and streamlined appointment management have not only boosted the efficiency of our showroom consultations, but also led to a significant increase in both employee and customer satisfaction."
Leon Fricke - Product Owner TIMIFY, Joka

The Challenges

The company boasts almost 80 locations throughout Europe. The respective branches have their own showrooms where, during opening hours, customers can drop in spontaneously or with an appointment to receive expert advice on products such as parquet, laminate, carpet, or doors. Independent traders can also use the showrooms for their own customer consultations.

For Jordan, it was crucial to implement a solution that could be controlled by the branches themselves. There was a desire to reduce administrative tasks, improve resource management, display booking availability clearly and avoid bottlenecks. Customers should also be able to book and manage appointments for desired consultation topics as quickly as possible and from any location. The booking option should also be possible to promote via various channels, print and online.

The Solution

Joka showroom

This solution should, on one hand, increase customer and employee satisfaction and create better consulting experiences in the showrooms. On the other, control of the operative and administrative tasks should be transferred to the branches themselves, where they should begin to see sales increasing through more consultation bookings.

With TIMIFY, Jordan has found an ideal partner to fulfil their requirements. With just a few clicks, customers can book consultation appointments for the product area and showroom of their choice. Employees are notified of appointments with all important information immediately and automatically in their calendar, while being instantly informed of any scheduling changes. An automated appointment reminder also reduces no-shows and idle times in showrooms.

The implementation of TIMIFY across the German and Austrian branch network, divided into the two brands JOKA and INKU, was made easy and clear by using the TIMIFY Branch Manager. This function offers global or centralized control that simultaneously provides regional flexibility for individual showrooms.
Employee Experience and Training

For Jordan, it was clear from the beginning of the project that employees must be fully trained on the new appointment booking solution in order to maximise efficiency and satisfaction. For this reason, the company implemented an internal training system with quarterly training sessions for new employees. Experts within the company are available to provide in-depth knowledge of TIMIFY and act as support contacts for showroom consultants and branch managers.

The Results

customer receiving personalised support by a Joka adviser

  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction

Thanks to the optimized appointment management and the gathering of customer preferences when booking, employees can prepare for appointments and customer needs in a more targeted and efficient manner. This also increases customer satisfaction, as the consultation can be tailored to their needs. By integrating TIMIFY, the company avoids bottlenecks in consulting and coordinates visits from customers and tradespeople more effectively.

  • More flexibility and convenience for customer

Another advantage is the increased flexibility for customers. The showrooms have opening hours that vary depending on the location. With TIMIFY, customers can book, reschedule, or cancel their appointments conveniently, regardless of time or location.

Future Plans

Jordan is currently working with TIMIFY in locations across Germany and Austria. There are plans to expand the integration to other regions, including the Netherlands. With a clear vision for the future, JOKA plans to continue delivering these efficiency gains for many future projects.