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Learn how VON POLL IMMOBILIEN, an innovative and data-driven real estate broker with years of industry expertise, has chosen TIMIFY as the optimal partner to solve the complexities of property view management and appointment scheduling between sellers, buyers, and financial consultants.

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Appointment booking & scheduling

Expectations of the contact experience with service-based companies are important because they influence customer service and customer satisfaction and play an important role in customer retention and acquisition. By investing in a first-class digital appointment scheduling system, VON POLL IMMOBILIEN ensured the delivery of optimised personal contact with regional experts that can be easily scaled up in line with future growth.

The Company

Von Poll Immobilien GmbH is one of the leading real estate companies in Europe, boasting over 350 shops and more than 1500 employees across Europe. From its headquarters in Frankfurt, the company has been committed to making buying, selling and owning real estate easier, more transparent and more successful for over 20 years.To achieve this goal across a significant network, VON POLL IMMOBILIEN has focussed on becoming a modern and agile company that combines traditional real estate values and practices with digital innovation to meet the evolving needs of its clients and customers.

VON POLL IMMOBILIEN is committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the real estate brokerage industry by leveraging digital technologies. 
We are pleased to have found a partner in TIMIFY who accompanies us on this journey and implements our individual requirements. Together, we are revolutionizing digital real estate brokerage with innovative solutions such as intelligent appointment scheduling, modern customer portal tools, seamless integration of third-party APIs, and advanced 3D real estate offices."
Wolfram Gast - Chief Digital Officer - Executive Board, VON POLL IMMOBILIEN

The Requirement

Individual, personal contact with an expert in the regional market continues to be a fundamental element for customers to establish trust, in what is often the biggest transaction of their lives.

Previously, this connection between customers and brokers could only be made via phone, email, online forms or in-person contact – a legacy system that was not delivering a premium experience across the company’s extensive regional and international locations.

Therefore, the evolution of its all-in-one platform, featuring digital real estate tools and services, needed to include a digital appointment booking solution - to transform how customers and brokers connect. Requirements included:

  • Customers can contact high quality regional consultants at any time, via any channel
  • Simple, fast and intuitive appointment scheduling
  • Quick, reassuring responses to let customers know their inquiry is being dealt with
  • Retain the personalization of support, tailored to each customer’s need
  • Avoid waiting times, delays and booking errors
  • Ability for all parties to adjust appointments digitally
  • Faultless scheduling regardless of multiple meeting participants, different languages and time zones across regions.

The Challenges

The business model prioritizes personal interactions with experts, but the technical infrastructure is one that has had to evolve as the company has grown internationally. As such, there were some technical challenges facing the integration of any online booking software:

  • Merge new online appointment scheduling technology with the large existing CRM system
  • Quickly test prototypes of the appointment scheduling system, before delivering a solution integrated with the real estate software onOffice
  • Any solution must be scalable across the VON POLL IMMOBILIEN existing and potential future network, ensuring one provider regardless of location, language or time zone.

The Solution

TIMIFY provided a digital appointment booking system that brought huge efficiencies for customers and pre-sales employees in arranging, confirming and delivering a range of appointment types. Vastly improved communications between customers and brokers across multiple channels delivered the premium, personal and effective service expected.

  • Owners and buyers can book online appointments with consultants at different points along the entire customer journey
  • TIMIFY enables scheduling of face-to-face, phone and video meetings with brokers
  • The TIMIFY booking widget offers direct booking with individual agents and can be implemented across the von Poll digital portfolio, from websites and social media to agent emails and business cards
  • Automated system of meeting confirmations and reminders, with online re-scheduling and cancellation simple for all participants
  • Seamless integration with existing software and CRM systems
  • TIMIFY database captures customer data from appointment booking and syncs seamlessly with VON POLL IMMOBILIEN CRM

The Key Points for Success

TIMIFY delivered a speedy launch of a comprehensive and scalable new online appointment booking solution, supported through the integration by dedicated project managers and development support. The system delivers on offering flexibility, convenience and personalized services for customers in any region wishing to engage with VON POLL IMMOBILIEN’s expert brokering support.

  • Initial implementation to German business took only a few days, with highly adaptable and scalable solution able to be rolled out step-by-step across the national and international business
  • TIMIFY handles localization of the system and languages across the international network
  • Future capability for all VON POLL IMMOBILIEN consultants to include their personal availability in one shared calendar, allowing customers to browse and book real-time appointment availability.
  • Dedicated TIMIFY specialists focussed on adapting core functionality to ensure seamless integration with existing infrastructure and quickly develop unique solutions where required.