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Safe, convenient in-person services with TIMIFY virtual queue management

10 March, 2021

A new TIMIFY application dedicated to virtual queue management for drop-in customers booking appointments in a convenient, socially distanced manner

TIMIFY virtual queue management

TIMIFY's booking solution is the perfect system to combine in-person and phone booking with online – and now, with the launch of the Q App, drop-in appointments too.

With drop-in services important to so many industries, it’s a crucial feature that allows total efficiency in the merging of unscheduled and pre-booked appointments.

The app also helps to eradicate queues and crowded waiting rooms at your premises, giving freedom and flexibility to waiting clients – not to mention safety in terms of coronavirus and social distancing.

Let’s take a closer look at how this app plays a fundamental role in returning customer confidence to drop-in services with a modern, efficient and convenient experience.

What is a queue management app?

The system serves as a kind of virtual reception desk, receiving appointment requests from drop-in clients, finding the next available slot among existing bookings, keeping them updated on waiting times and, finally, calling them for their appointment.

What are the benefits?

  • Revive confidence in drop-in services damaged by COVID restrictions by installing a modern, reliable and convenient system, which ensures safe social distancing 
  • Reduce strain on staff at reception desks and public-facing areas of your premises by reducing unnecessary customer flow
  • Add the option for drop-in clients to choose their priority status on arrival, allowing them to skip the queue altogether e.g., in the case of medical emergencies or other urgent requirements
  • Utilise QR codes as a quick and convenient way to access booking for drop-in services, placing them inside or outside your premises
  • For customers who don’t have a smartphone or prefer not to use digital services, you can offer the same functions via touchscreen devices, or even a physical ticket-drawing system
  • With or without the pandemic, the convenience is a game-changer for customers. With any significant wait time, they have the option to make the most of it, running other errands or waiting in comfort elsewhere
  • If unexpected delays extend their wait time, they receive real-time updates, allowing them to adjust their plans or even choose to exit the queue.

How do customers use it?

Below is a brief step-by-step process of the customer journey for drop-in clients using the Q App.

  • Drop-in client arrives at your premises
  • Client uses their phone to scan a QR code, located in your reception area or even outside the building
  • Client selects their required service
  • Client device displays a ticket number and estimated waiting time to their appointment
  • Client monitors the countdown to their appointment from their device, allowing them to leave the premises and return just before their time
  • When your staff are ready, they select the client’s ticket in the system which sends a notification calling them to the appointment

To find out more visit our website: TIMIFY Virtual Queue Management ​​​​​​​

How does it work with online booking?

Integrate and promote online appointment booking as the safest and most convenient way to make an appointment for your services while avoiding queues and waiting rooms.

As customers discover the convenience and reliability of online booking, this will reduce the number of people using your drop-in services as a preference rather than a necessity.

This will maximise the impact of using the Q App to improve the experience of your drop-in services for those customers who rely on them the most.

Using TIMIFY’s complete solution for online booking, appointment and resource scheduling and the Q App brings synergy to operations across all of your services.

All appointments – whether booked by customers online, by call centres, reception desks or by drop-in clients – are scheduled automatically from a single, shared calendar.

Real-time synchronisation eliminates double bookings, always gives customers the latest availability and auto-reserves essential staff and equipment the moment an appointment is booked.

Find out more

The TIMIFY Q App is available to all Enterprise users.

For much more technical detail on the app’s functionality and set-up, read our guidance articles.

If you have any questions about our Q-App please contact one of our representatives now. They will be happy to show you how TIMIFY can help your business offer a convenient and safe experience to your customers with our online and offline booking solutions.


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