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Virtual queue management with the TIMIFY Q App

01 December, 2021

Revolutionise your drop-in client experience with virtual queue management and comply with social distancing recommendations.


​​​​​​​For businesses working with drop-in clients, TIMIFY Q App modernises the experience, delivering efficiency in finding appointments and empowering clients to wait on their terms.

The app works like a virtual reception desk, receiving drop-in clients’ requirements on arrival, instantly finding availability, keeping them informed as they wait and calling them when ready.

Monitoring the countdown to their appointment via their smartphone is a game-changing convenience for clients, meaning they can wait away from your premises and run other errands.

Digitising the experience helps eradicate queues and busy waiting rooms, while providing a perfect platform to ensure social distancing, optimising safety and comfort for staff and customers.

What does the app do?

  • Merge your schedule of pre-booked appointments with those requesting drop-in appointments, ensuring available slots are found quickly and without error
  • Drop-in clients use their smartphone or a touchscreen device to select the service they require. They are immediately offered an appointment and shown the expected wait time
  • QR codes let customers scan with their phone to jump directly into the booking process. QR codes can be placed anywhere around, or even outside, your premises
  • On receiving an appointment, clients get a ticket number and can monitor the countdown time to their session from their smartphone
  • Clients can monitor the countdown away from your premises, allowing them the freedom to wait elsewhere or run other errands
  • Offer emergency or priority drop-in clients (e.g. medical emergencies) the ability to select their priority status on arrival and bypass the queueing system
  • When it’s time for a client’s appointment, the app sends a notification calling them to attend their session
  • Clients can leave the virtual queue at any time. Their free space will be available immediately to any new drop-in client requests
  • Deploy the Q App via touchscreen devices in your reception area
  • Real-time updates to waiting times mean appointment countdowns respond to schedule changes like cancellations
  • Notification options for both iOS and Android

What are the benefits?

  • Manage drop-in appointments using the same real-time schedule as all other bookings (online, phone, in-person)
  • Make queues and crowded waiting rooms an outdated concept
  • Unprecedented freedom and flexibility for drop-in clients
  • Ideal system for ensuring social distancing
  • Restore confidence in drop-in services, which may have been damaged by coronavirus restrictions, or queues and overcrowding in the past
  • Reduces strain on welcome or reception staff

How to use it

  • Install the Q App from our Marketplace, via the apps module in your calendar
  • Customise the design and messaging clients will see when interacting with the app
  • Option to activate touchscreen devices for clients who don’t have a smartphone
  • Set up options for priority client arrivals if required
  • Select which services you want to assign Q App booking to, as well as the times or intervals you want to run them

Try the Q App today

​​​​​​​To access the Q App, please contact our team, via chat or email. 


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