Good To Know:

  • This feature allows you to view details of your customers' past transactions (up to three years), including payments made for appointments or bookings.

  • You need Stripe and/or PayPal authorised in your TIMIFY account and activated online payments.

  • This feature is available for Premium and Enterprise plans.

  • Only users with Admin permissions can see the Payment Log data.

Where can I find the Payment Log page and what does it contain?

To get started, log in to your TIMIFY account and go to the History menu on the left-hand side of the screen. From there, select Payment Log to see a list of the recent payments from your customers.

The Payment Log features a search and filter function, allowing you to find specific transactions by transaction ID, payment ID, reference record (service name, booking title, group event, etc.), or customer name. You can filter by payment status and payment gateway.

It also lets you keep track of your finances by displaying the transaction amount in your country's currency. The table can be sorted by date, and you can view up to 20 records per page. If you need to view more records, simply scroll down to reveal more.

Once you've found the transaction you're looking for, click on the arrow symbol to view more details.

The Payment Details section of the Payments Log will show you the transaction date, the amount paid, the payment status, and the payment gateway that processed the transaction. You can also see the name of the service or booking for which the payment was made and the name of the customer who made the payment.

ℹ️ Note: Each transaction in TIMIFY is assigned a unique Transaction ID. The Payment ID is obtained from the third-party payment provider used, either Stripe or PayPal. To search for a specific transaction on the payment provider's platform, you can use:

  • Transaction ID or Payment ID for Stripe

  • Transaction ID for Paypal

You can also find all of the payments a customer has made by clicking on their customer profile (which can be accessed from the menu Customers > Customer List) and then going to the Payments tab. This is available only for the customers who have paid for the booking, not all participants.