TIMIFY Appointment Scheduling Software

Offer easy online booking to clients 24/7 and simplify scheduling admin

Easy to use and highly effective scheduling solution saves time, optimises resources and modernises your service offering


Increase satisfaction by offering an easier way for customers to book and access your services, on their own terms.


Up to 60% more revenue by taking appointments 24/7 from all your communication touchpoints.


Easy to integrate, configure, use and customise. For one-to-one or group bookings, in-person or via video.


online booking all touch points

Effortless online booking

Be available to potential customers 24/7 by making online booking an integral part of your website, social media and marketing activities.

Increase online awareness and conversions by integrating booking options into your Google Business Profile, offering booking directly from your business results page in Google Search and Maps.

Add QR codes to your business cards, emails and invoices, maximising the reach and convenience of your booking availability.

automated workflows with timify

Automated communication and workflows

From facilitating appointment scheduling 24/7, taking payments online and sending invoices automatically, to automating client communications like meeting confirmations, reminders and feedback requests - TIMIFY works like a digital personal assistant, leaving you to focus on your customers.

  • Choose which services clients can book online, offline or both
  • Plan one-to-one sessions, group services and events from one single platform
  • Total flexibility in creating special offers or packaging services together, along with the statistics to know what's working
  • Manage all resources, from staff to treatment areas and equipment
  • Invite your team to the shared calendar, let them add their working schedules, assign admin rights
  • Make all resource types online bookable and assign them to services - now, when that service is booked, all related staff, space and equipment are auto-reserved

Tailor an effective scheduling process

Adapt TIMIFY to your business needs and logic. Easily plan and manage your services and resources to maximise revenue and customer satisfaction


TIMIFY key features

Online Payments

Offer customers the convenience of paying for your services during the booking process, using their credit or debit card via our integration with Stripe. It saves time handling payment on the day and helps reduce no-shows!

Video conferencing

Schedule and manage video meetings via our integrations with Zoom, GoToMeeting and our own solution, MeetMe. Joining links, confirmations and reminders are sent automatically to all parties involved.

Branch management

For organisations and businesses with multiple locations, we give you the flexibility to manage and monitor all your branches from one dashboard, both globally and individually.

Group bookings

Easily manage events with multiple participants, from meetings and events to conferences and training sessions.

Confirmations and reminders

Appointment confirmations and reminders are sent automatically to all parties involved via email and/or SMS. Bookers have the option to reschedule or cancel appointments themselves.

Custom CRM

Build your client database as you wish. Create profiles, add notes, assign tags and access booking history at all times.

"TIMIFY helps us to coordinate appointment scheduling in multiple languages, helping to provide a consistent service to all our European customers. Super-easy to manage and a lot of options to align the tool with our corporate branding."
Julie Mascha - Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Manager, Valmont Group
Julie Mascha

Extend your online booking customer journey with these TIMIFY Marketplace Apps

Survey App
  • Send automated surveys to your customers after an appointment takes place.
  • Flexible survey builder with a variety of question formats.
  • Define survey templates for each service individually.
Upselling App
  • Promote relevant complementary services to customers while they are booking a service
  • Bundle services together in a bookable package
  • Automated end price calculation for services paid online
Bookings Links App
  • Create dedicated booking links for all your resources with pre-filled service and booking settings.
  • Lock times in your resources’ schedule and invite only selected customers to book them.
  • Generate QR codes, appointment cards and booking stickers for printing with moo.com.