Sonova Audiological Care

Learn how TIMIFY has helped Sonova with their digital transformation, by delivering a tailored system with online booking, resource management and fully integrated call center

Sonova Audiological Care
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Sonova Audiological Care



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Use case

Appointment scheduling & CRM Sync

Sonova Audiological Care operates across 20 markets, with a workforce of around 7000 employees. TIMIFY delivered a digital transformation in record time, integrating a tailored system with online appointment booking, resource management and a fully integrated call centre.

The company

Sonova, headquartered in Stäfa, Switzerland, is a leading provider of innovative hearing care solutions. The Group operates through its core business brands Phonak, Unitron, Hansaton, Advanced Bionics and the brands of the Audiological Care business, e.g. AudioNova, Geers, Boots Hearing Care, Connect Hearing and Lapperre. Sonova offers its customers one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the industry – from hearing instruments to cochlear implants to wireless communication solutions. With a wide range of products, eSolutions and care services, the Audiological Care business utilises an omnichannel strategy to ensure they reach every kind of customer in the most convenient and accessible way possible.

“TIMIFY simplified scheduling intricacies for us, and provided a platform to handle complex resourcing challenges in a faster and more digitalized manner.”
Christos Lanaras - Senior Manager Lead Architect Global Application, Sonova

The requirement

Sonova Audiological Care experienced strong growth in recent years and contacted TIMIFY in 2019 seeking a system to facilitate the digitalisation of their expanding branch network. The criteria included:

  • Appointment booking for large enterprises with multiple branches
  • A global solution available in a range of languages for current and future markets
  • Easily scalable to support rapid continued growth
  • Seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure
  • Full white-label solution
  • Call centre integration
Sonova's case study

The challenges

The unique nature of Sonova Audiological Care’s size and complexity of operations posed a number of key challenges:

  • A very diverse system landscape with advance shift planning and multiple resources needs that required flexibility and adaptability per market
  • Over 7000 employees to onboard 
  • Working across 20 markets
Sonova's case study

The solution

A combination of existing TIMIFY functionality and tailored solutions developed by the TIMIFY support team, helped deliver an integration that met and exceeded all criteria, with a short lead time to launch.

  • Complex integrations of legacy systems were set up quickly and seamlessly using the TIMIFY RESTful API
  • Functionality to include appointment booking CTAs in targeted marketing activities, helping raise customer awareness and boost usage of new online booking services
  • TIMIFY Branch Manager gave call centres secure access to the data for every branch location
  • Roll out of the system to different countries was achieved very quickly, including translation to a range of languages
  • Full white-label solution for eBooking, integrated into existing systems with intuitive controls, meaning employees didn’t need to learn an entirely new software from scratch
  • Call centres fully integrated with TIMIFY system, including the creation of a new Fast Booking app, which finds booking options for complex appointment requirements in seconds
  • Shift Planner functionality proved ideal for certain locations dependent on complex shift working
20% +
Higher utilisation
- 30%
Reduction in waiting times
25% +
Increase in appointments

The key points for success

The original integration of TIMIFY, but also the ongoing development of new features and functions, have resulted in a highly successful partnership. However, four areas proved crucial to the initial success of the Sonova Audiological Care solution.

  • The speed of the integration, at the scale and complexity demanded, was a major highlight for Sonova Audiological Care
  • Having members of the TIMIFY Key Account Team dedicated to the Sonova Audiological Care integration built confidence and trust through constant availability and responsiveness to issues
  • TIMIFY developed custom solutions dedicated to the needs of Sonova Audiological Care, such as the Fast Booking app for call centres and adding global controls to the Branch Manager tool
  • TIMIFY commitment to continuously enhancing the core functions of the system showed our ongoing support for further expansions of the business

Future developments

As stated above, TIMIFY provides ongoing support and enhancement for our clients, continually pushing the capabilities of the software in alignment with partner demands. Sonova Audiological Care has utilised a number of additional features via the TIMIFY RESTful API, while we are currently supporting the software integration in a further countries.