There is often the case that an employee is assigned to multiple locations and once he is booked in one of them, there was no option to block him automatically in the rest of locations. Therefore, we introduce the option to block the resource calendar in one location if he was booked at a certain time for the appointment’s duration period in another location.

Things to know:

  • The Feature is accessible only for clients with Enterprise Plan.

  • Resource can connect his account to various other accounts in which he is invited from the User Section in the WebApp.

  • The blocker contains no information about the resources, service, notes, data fields and customers.

  • You can activate the Cross-Account Sync on Branch Manager level, but the resource still needs to sync his accounts from the WebApp

Article Structure:

  1. How to Activate

  2. Synchronise Accounts

1. How to Activate

The feature can be activated from the WebApp only or globally for all accounts in a Branch Manager.
ℹ️ When enabled from the Branch Manager, it will automatically activate on all branches, those you don't need to enabled locally for each branch.

  • WebApp

To activate the feature from the WebApp head to SettingsBooking and edit the last tab called Other.
Locate the Cross-Account Sync and toggle on Enable.

Now, your account is available for Cross-Account Sync.

  • Branch Manager

On Branch Manager level, you can activate the feature from Global SettingsBooking then edit Other and toggle on Enable for Cross-Account Sync.

Now all your branches have the feature enabled, and your resource can sync their accounts around multiple locations.

2. Synchronise Accounts

To sync your accounts, you need to be logged into one of them which has Cross-Account Sync enabled.
Head to User Preferences (click on your avatar on the top) and click on the tab Cross-Account Sync.

Now you can Search Enterprise accounts or just select the ones you want to sync with.

Once you have made your choice, click on Sync accounts.

Done, the accounts are synced and now when you are booked in one of them we will display a gray block on the rest for the same booking slot.

ℹ️ The only thing that is faster than the Cross-Account Sync is the light 😎
We will sync immediately any changes made to the booking, so you don't have to worry about any delays.