Article Structure

  1. How to add Public Holidays for a Resource Group

  2. How Holidays and Substitute Holidays Display in your Account

1. How to display Public Holidays for Resources

Step 1

From your navigation, go to Settings -> Bookings and select the Calendar tab. To access the Public Holiday Resource Groups setting, click on the red edit button.

Step 2

Enable the setting: a new resource group displays, with drop-downs so you can select the region(s) you want holidays to display for, and the resources.

In the example below, we selected "UK (England)" as the region, and assigned the resource group "London Team".

ℹ️ You can add all resources; resource categories, and/or individual resources.

You can add multiple resource groups, to cover all the regions your resources are located in. When you're done, hit save and return to your Settings Preview. Now an overview of your Public Holidays will display, like this:

2. How Holidays and Substitute Holidays Display in your Account

In your calendar and shift plan, the resource view appears pink for all public holidays. To see the name of the holiday, you need to view it in the Shift Plan.

ℹ️ In regions like the UK, national holidays that fall on a weekend get celebrated on a weekday, typically the Friday or Monday before or after the holiday date. In cases like this, holiday displays on your calendar twice: once showing the actual holiday…

…, and again with "substitute day" in brackets: