Assign global tags to your global services or global customers and analyse their activities and performances at all times. You can thereby choose between customer-specific tags and those related and assigned to specific bookings.

All statistics based on your assign tags will then appear both in the statistic dashboard globally for all locations and also within the individual statistic overview per each location.

Add, edit or delete tags

1. Add new tags

Quickly and easily add new global tags to your bookings or global services and assign them to all selected branches. Use the red "+" symbol to add your specific tag:

Define a global name per each tag and if it is a specific tag for bookings or customers and navigate to the Branches tab to specify which locations should inherit the new tag:

You then have to choose whether to make it available for All branches (that would include any new branches created in the future as well), or for Specific branches that you can select manually.

If you at any time select All branches and save your choice, this action is irreversible and you won't be able to switch to Specific branches later on.

After saving all (newly) added global tags can be seen in the "Active Tags" overview:

2. Edit tags

Before you edit a tag you must first define who is allowed to make changes to the tag. By activating this in the global settings, you can ensure that the local branch is not allowed to make any changes to the tags:

Within the respective online calendars of the local branches, a tag created via the branch manager is marked as the following:

Changes to a global tag can ONLY be made via the TIMIFY Branch Manager. If a branch changes a tag in the local online calendar, this change is ONLY applied to the respective location, but not globally to all other assigned locations:

3. Delete tags

Similar to creating a new tag, you can delete specific tags via the branch manager, so that the respective tag is no longer visible for specific branches:

All changes made to the global tag locally in one of the connected branches are listed in the "Changed locally" tab.

If a tag is still connected to a booking or a customer or is otherwise still being used in one of the local calendars, all accounts in which the service could not be deleted are listed here.