By installing additional Apps via the TIMIFY App Marketplace we enable you to extend the core functions of the TIMIFY Store Manager and the connected online calendars with further (branch-specific) Apps in order to adapt TIMIFY even better to your specific requirements.

In the navigation tab "Apps" you will find an overview of all those Apps which you can install globally for all connected TIMIFY accounts via the TIMIFY Branch Manager:

Select the app you want for your branches. The app installation window will display, summarising what to expect from the app, and requesting your permission to install it.

The app will automatically install to all your branch accounts, and can be found in all accounts, under the tab, My Apps:

If you have any specific app-related questions, contact your Key Account Relationship Manager for help. We also have a number of articles that help with frequently asked questions and troubleshooting, which they can share with you.

Some of our clients ask us to build them dedicated apps, exclusively for their use; sometimes we allow early access to new TIMIFY In-House apps for certain clients. In these cases, a Key Account Relationship Manager will take care of the installation for you. To do this, we'll ask you for a Private Access Key, available under the tab, Private Apps.