What you need to know

  • SMS notifications are only available to TIMIFY Premium and Enterprise subscribers upon request.

  • The costs for SMS notifications are borne by the service provider itself.

By installing the additional app for SMS notifications, we enable you to send SMS notifications to your customers in addition (or alternatively) to your customer e-mails when appointments are booked and rescheduled.

In the following, we describe how you can set up and automatically send SMS notifications in your TIMIFY account.

Step 1:

The App for SMS Notifications is part of the TIMIFY App Marketplace.

To install the app for your TIMIFY account click on "Apps" -> "App Marketplace" Here you can see a variety of apps that you can install individually, including the app for notifications.

At the moment, the SMS app is still a so called private app. To install this app for your TIMIFY account, you first have to generate a private key:

Copy the number combination and send it to TIMIFY customer support:

Once the app is activated for your account, it will appear in your App Overview and you can install the app:

Step 2:

Now you can start setting up the SMS App!

First, connect the SMS app to your individual account with our tech partner Twilio:


Twilio as our Tech-Partner is responsible for sending out the SMS. For this purpose, Twilio charges an individual fee for each SMS sent, depending on the respective country: https://www.twilio.com/sms/pricing/

These costs will be charged 1:1 by TIMIFY to you.


Now you can define which specific settings you would like to make for SMS sending:

Usage types

Define at what time (appointment confirmation and reminder), at what lead time (automatic reminder 1-72 hours in advance of an appointment) and to which specific customers (with or without e-mail address) a text message should be sent to.

Country specific notifications

Define the specific country/countries to which a text message shall be sent to (ATTENTION: This may result in different costs per each message!)

You can even write an individual text message per country!

Individual message

Address your customers individually and with your very specific texts, which can be individually selected with up to 160 characters both for appointment confirmation and reminders!

(ATTENTION: If e.g. more than 160 characters are used, more than one SMS will be sent and therefore higher costs might arise for you!)


If you are no longer interested in sending SMS, you can always uninstall the app from your TIMIFY account.