Here's what you need to know:

  • This is a TIMIFY Enterprise app. If you would like to trial Enterprise for free, you can upgrade for two weeks straight from your TIMIFY account.

How this article is structured:

1. How to add the Up-Selling App to your account

2. The Up-Selling App: helpful tips and things to remember!

How to add the Up-Selling App to your account

  1. Log into your account via your web app, then go to Apps -> App Marketplace and select the Up-Selling App.

Agree to the terms and conditions in order to continue:

2. Now you have the app installed, click on Add an upsell rule.

3. Next, select your "core" service from the drop-down "When this service displays…" When this service is selected, the services you select from the second drop-down, "Suggest the following service(s)" will display in your booking widget.

We made "Family Portrait with Pet" our core service. Then we selected "Special offer: kids hair styling 20% off" as a suggested service.

4. Decide whether you want to add the additional service time for the upsell service, to the core service. We chose to add the duration time to the core service. In this case, combining both services doesn't reduce any time from the overall booking time.

Next, hit Save. Here's how the upsell appears in the booking widget:

  • Note: any additional cost for the upsell service is not included. Online payment is disabled for any services booked in combination with an upsell.

4. All of your upsells list on the app home screen: you can edit or delete them at any time. Any changes made are reflected in your booking widget straight away.

The Up-Selling App: helpful tips and things to remember!

  • The same resource must be assignable to the core service and the add-ons. That means “active” services - where the resource needs to physically involved - must take place one after the other. However, you can add on “passive” services, like a face mask, that can happen alongside an active service.

  • There are no limits to how many services you can suggest to be added on to the core service. You can even include the entire list of services from any category.

  • It could be the case that by combining services in a bundle, say an individual photoshoot with a family photoshoot, you don’t need so much overall set-up time, and the total time can be reduced. A way around this is to go into the service form and edit the duration time(s), or create another service with a reduced time, specifically for your add-on.

  • The Up-Selling App does not support services that need to be paid online. If you want to offer services in a bundle that you otherwise request online payment for, get round this by replicating the services you want to group together but give them a different name like "Add-on: family portrait", and in the service settings, leave the Activate online payment checkbox empty. Then make suggested add-on groups using just these services.

  • Services with split booking times, prep and follow up times, and group bookings are not suitable for this app.