Here's what you need to know

  • This app is available under arrangement only for TIMIFY Enterprise plans.

  • This is a private app: contact your Key Account Manager or the TIMIFY Support Team to get an access code.

  • As a rule, this app is only available for large customers (100+ licences.).

  • This app is not part of TIMIFY's core product and therefore we do not guarantee that it will always function perfectly.

  • Technical support for this app is only available for key account customers.

  • We recommend you consult your data protection officer to ensure you select sync settings that align with your company's data protection policy.

  • For a list of sync exceptions, check out this article.

❗IMPORTANT❗ Before installing the app, please make sure to check whether it is compatible with your existing infrastructure by confirming the following checklist with us.


  • Which Exchange version are you currently using? We support 2016+.

  • Is Exchange Web Service (EWS) activated on your system? We need this to connect to your server and synchronise data.

  • Which authentication method do you use?: NTLM, Basic. At the moment we only support NTLM, as Basic has not been supported by Microsoft itself for several years.

  • If all the above settings are OK, you are also welcome to set up a demo Exchange email account for us once with the permission setting enabled to retrieve and write calendar data. You should send us back the email, password, username (sometimes username-based), mail server address, a link to a web-based mail client to authenticate and run tests (optional).

Article structure

  1. What the App Offers

  2. How to Setup your the App Connect your Microsoft Exchange Server

  3. How to Sync your Calendars

  4. How to Manage Individual Resource Settings

1. What the App Offers

  • One-way OR two-way sync, for all resources

  • Real-time calendar updates

  • Secure connection

  • Option to apply sync settings to all resource calendar syncs

  • Option to apply individual sync settings any each resource.

2. How to Manage your Sync Settings

We recommend you manage your sync preferences before you sync your Exchange calendar - or any of your resources' calendars. However, you can update your settings at any time.

Open the app, and click on the settings tab, as highlighted below.

You need to enter your Microsoft Exchange Server name in the Server field. To get this, we suggest you contact your data protection officer.

Go through each option, and select the data you want to sync, and whether you want a one-way or two-way sync. When you are finished, hit save.

3. How to Sync your Calendars

Go to the Overview tab. All resources appear in a list: invite the resources whom you wish to sync their Exchange calendar to your TIMIFY calendar.

Resources will receive an email, asking them if they wish to connect their calendar.

Follow the steps. You'll be asked to enter your email and password for your Exchange account…and to agree to the policy statements of TIMIFY and Microsoft.

When you have followed through all the steps you should get a "success" message. Go back to the app in your TIMIFY account.

4. How to Manage Individual Resource Settings

Open the Microsoft Exchange Sync App. Resources that you've emailed a sync invitation, and those with an active sync will display under the header, Resources you invited to sync. When you click on a resource drop-down, you have the option to customise their calendar sync options.