Invite an unlimited number of team members to share your calendar with them. Each team member gets their own TIMIFY calendar and you can also set individual permissions for them.

How to invite your employees to your TIMIFY Account

Go to "Management > Resources" and add another resource to your account by clicking on the ➕ icon.

Now enter the name of the employee and click on "Invite user for this resource". You can then add the employee's own e-mail to which the invitation to the TIMIFY account will be sent.

Now you define the working and booking times of the employee and determine the permission. Detailed information on permissions can be found here: Grant permissions for resources

Once you have saved the resource, an email will be sent to the employee. The employee has to confirm his account and defines his own password via this e-mail. From now on your employee can log into the TIMIFY account of your company with his e-mail address and the password defined by him.