TIMIFY helps you to get bookings from your clients around the clock and make it easy for you to manage your customers appointments history. Keep track of everything in your customer database and access easily to all the past and future appointments they have.

To access you clients booking history, go to the "Customers" section so you can automatically access your customers list. Search and select the desired customer. On the right hand, you will find the total number of bookings this customer has made in the past with you.

Once you clicked on the desired client, you will find a tab with their details and on the right a tab with "Bookings". Click here to see their booking history. Bookings will be divided into upcoming and past bookings. See when the appointment will take place and which service was here selected.

On the right top corner, you will also find the option to print the booking history (printer icon). You can choose if you want to print past and/or upcoming events and you can give this appointment overview to your customers in case it's necessary.