Whether it's a yoga class, a seminar, or a cooking class, with TIMIFY's group feature you can manage your group events and make them online bookable. You determine the maximum number of participants and once this is reached, the appointment is no longer offered for online booking.

It's that easy

⚙ Start by creating a group service

Group bookings can be effortlessly created and categorized in your TIMIFY account under Management -> Groups. Just click on the ➕ symbol in the upper right and you can start to create your first group offer.

In a group service you can...

  • provide a name and a detailed description.

  • define a colour for the appointment.

  • set the required duration.

  • determine the maximum number of participants (after reaching the number, the appointment is no longer offered for online booking)

  • determine the resources / employees who perform this service

  • specify a price.

  • Enable online bookability.

  • activate online payment.

Make your group online bookable

If you want to make group bookings bookable online, you just have to create them at the desired times in the calendar.
So If you want to offer a yoga class on Friday at 12 o'clock, you simply create a booking with the group performance you have created on that day and time.
The appointment will then be offered to your customers for online booking.

❗️Unlike with individual appointments, it is only through the creation of a group booking in the calendar that this is also offered for online appointment booking. Booking times play no role in group booking.

So you can flexibly create your courses and seminars distributed throughout the year and offer them for booking. Of course, if you offer courses very regularly or even daily, you can effortlessly create an appointment series and make regular appointments online.