Optimise resource scheduling and management to enhance productivity

Efficient planning and scheduling of staff, rooms, equipment and more. Manage flexible working hours and create dependencies to auto-reserve all essential resources needed for each booking

Room and resource management
Increase productivity
Increase productivity

Digital scheduling of resources allows you to optimise planning and assign the right resources to your services, according to your business logic.

Reduce idle times
Reduce idle times

Visualise periods of high and low footfall in your calendar to enable strategic assignment of resources and promotion of services.

Centralised management
Centralised management

Resources can be managed directly by our software or easily integrated with other management tools via our REST API.

What is possible with TIMIFY

  • Manage an unlimited number of physical and human resources
  • Grant team members custom permissions for their account
  • Manage and monitor your resources globally or by branch (multi-location)
  • Access performance data for your resources
  • Easily upload your resources to the system, individually or in bulk
  • Create profiles for each of your resources and organise them into categories
  • Working hours and online booking availability of resources can be set up separately
  • Add working hours, holidays, sick days and blockers with our Shift Planner
  • Make your resources individually bookable online or as part of a service
  • Assign the time zone where your resources are located
  • Set up any number of resources in seconds with our global functionality
  • Assign resources to your services according to expertise or availability
  • Resources are notified in real-time of any changes in their schedule
  • Resources can be booked from anywhere in the world, regardless of their time zone
  • Resources can be allocated only for the specific time they are required within a booking
  • Plan the booking availability of resources according to in-store footfall


Flexible team management

Flexible team management

No matter how many staff you need to manage with TIMIFY, the system's scalability and flexibility lets you monitor and manage both local and international teams from a centralised platform.

Flexible team management
  • Improve transparency
    Real-time mapping of all resources, their availability, shifts, skill level and permissions, from your calendar.
  • Improve planning
    Allocate your staff and their expertise according to in-store footfall, directly via TIMIFY or through our integrations with other third-party software.
  • Take control
    Each team member can access or modify the data of the shared calendar according to their role or responsibility.
Maximise use of physical resources

Maximise use of physical resources

TIMIFY gives you the flexibility to manage, control and monitor an unlimited number of physical resources (rooms, in or out-door spaces and even machines or equipment) to maximise usage and minimise idle times.

Maximise use of physical resources
  • Resource bookability
    Make your physical resources (rooms, in or out-door spaces and even machines or equipment) online bookable, individually or through an assigned service.
  • Flexible scheduling
    Varied functionality lets you create unique booking links for individual resources, add buffer times or allow online payment when booking
  • Maximise resource availability
    Notify selected employees when resources are becoming available again following the cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment
Optimise resource allocation

Optimise resource allocation

Assign essential resources to each of your services, ensuring that whenever that service is booked, the related resources will be reserved instantly and automatically.

Optimise resource allocation
  • Effective usage
    After all resources have been assigned to a service, it’s possible to bundle those services into packages. Even in this case, resources are only booked for the time required, not the whole duration of the service package
  • Assign resources reactively
    Allocate resources according to footfall, using the system to quickly reassign resources to locations that need them
  • Optimal monitoring
    Use our statistics dashboard to monitor data on resource capacity and get performance insights

How it works


Add all your staff resources in our calendar

Add individual resource information (profile picture, e-mail address), their working and booking times, and time zones.


Shift Planner

For extra flexibility, manage shifts, sick days, vacations, holidays, and any other calendar blockers.

permissions management timify

Grant access, editing and deletion rights to each resource, giving you the control on who can edit, view or delete data in the shared calendar.

add dependencies timify

Create dependencies between all resources (e.g. employees and rooms) required for a service to take place. These resources will be auto-booked at the time of booking.

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