Appointment Scheduling Software Optical Retail

Improve store efficiency and offer exceptional service in-store and online

Ensure your customers receive top-notch service by planning according to demand and offering appointment booking for easy scheduling

Appointment Scheduling Software Optical Retail timify
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Boost satisfaction with smart scheduling

Deliver a seamless and personalised customer experience while eliminating the inconvenience of waiting times with our advanced appointment booking software. With intelligent resource allocation, real-time scheduling, and a range of customisation options, we help you maximise productivity and create a welcoming environment that keeps customers coming back.

Get real results with TIMIFY

Streamline booking processes

Allow your customers to easily book your optometrist, eyewear retail or audiology services, whether in-store or virtual, from any touch-point. With customisable features to personalised booking links for first or recurring bookings, customers will be able to book an appointment in seconds, creating a seamless and satisfying customer journey.


Increase satisfaction and sales

Enhancing accessibility of services and delivering personalised interactions, both in-store and online, drives customer loyalty and increases transactions.

  • Easier Booking Process
    We make the booking process effortless for customers by enabling them to find the services they need in-store or online and make reservations from any device at their convenience.
  • Clear communication
    Improve satisfaction by offering easy cancellation and rescheduling options, automated reminders and follow-up emails
  • Personalised experiences
    By taking on tedious manual tasks and gathering essential information before appointments take place, TIMIFY allows your team to focus on providing engaging in-store experiences that drive sales and loyalty.


Reduce waiting times

To improve customer satisfaction, it's crucial to have your resources and services work in unison. By having a clear overview of appointments, available staff, rooms and equipment, and data to understand peak periods, you can allocate resources more effectively and offer booking slots according to demand.

Customers who book appointments are guaranteed to receive the personalised attention they deserve, while walk-ins can be served without long wait times.


Hassle-free Resource Allocation

With our appointment booking solution, resource allocation is a breeze.

  • Avoid scheduling conflicts by having all dependent staff, rooms, and equipment auto-booked when an appointment is made.
  • Gain visibility with floor mapping and allocate resources according to forecast.
  • Improve customer experience by ensuring that the right resources are available for their appointments.
  • Say goodbye to double bookings and scheduling errors for good.

  • Control, configure and manage all your stores from a single account or individually per store via TIMIFY Branch Manager dashboard
  • Gain valuable statistic data per store or globally about customer behaviour and resource availability
  • Customisable booking widget with location finder for convenience
  • Integrations with other systems via TIMIFY Marketplace or RESTful API
  • A call center integration, allowing you to use one system for all your appointment requirements

Efficient Appointment Booking for Multiple Stores

If you're a multiple store owner and want to integrate appointment booking across all your locations, nationally or internationally, we are here to help:


Top features for optical retail

Footfall Mapping

Easily plan your resources based on the levels of foot traffic throughout the day. Gain clear insight into high, medium, and low periods to ensure maximum efficiency in resource capacity planning.

Resource Dependency

Efficiently assign staff, rooms and equipment to appointments. Our system automates resource booking, preventing scheduling conflicts and reducing idle times.

Buffer times

Ensure maximum efficiency by blocking pre- and post-appointment times for specific services. This way, you have ample time to prepare or arrange another appointment without disruption.

Split Booking

Split appointments into stages with timed breaks to optimize your resources. Sales assistants, doctors and equipment can be used elsewhere during downtimes.

Fast Booking Widget

Speed up the process for reception desks to book appointments for any service or team member. Find any possible slot availability in seconds.

Service combination

Combine popular services together, so they can be booked in one go - from your calendar, and your booking widget.

Flexible & highly secure system

Data security at all levels
  • 100% GDPR-compliant
  • Auto-delete candidate data according to your own set of rules.
  • Customer data protection via 2FA
  • Activate security measures such as Session Length & Idle Timeout 
Seamless integration and synchronisation
  • Integrate TIMIFY into your existing IT infrastructure with our RESTful API
  • Synchronise TIMIFY with third-party calendars, CRM, marketing and communication systems
Call Center Add-on
  • One solution to synchronise the scheduling of appointments online, in-store and by phone.
  • Assign access rights to your agents for maximum control
  • Easy to implement and setup across all your locations and stores