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Optimise your recruitment process while giving candidates the best interview scheduling experience.

Recruiting scheduling software

Hire faster. Hire smarter.

When it comes to acquiring candidates, companies want to shorten the recruitment process, provide a positive experience and reduce costs. As recruiters know, interview scheduling is one of the most time-consuming and labour-intensive aspects of the hiring process. These challenges can be overcome with an automated solution that incorporates online scheduling.

What TIMIFY can do for you

Convenience across all touchpoints

Simplify complex scheduling

Are you struggling to manage high volumes of hiring interviews and meeting scheduling? We offer a simple solution that syncs the calendar availability of all hiring managers, recruiters, and others involved in the hiring process into one easy-to-use calendar.

  • Ability to schedule all types of interviews, including in-person or virtual, individual or group events
  • Clear visibility of resources availabilities with real time updates
  • Syncing with other calendars such as Microsoft 365, Google and Outlook
  • Fast booking of all resources involved in every stage of the hiring process

Plan and organise any type of virtual event with ease

Improve the overall experience

TIMIFY streamlines the interview process for both candidates and recruiters, making it more efficient and convenient.

  • For Candidates
    Candidates can easily schedule their own interviews online at their convenience. They can receive automatic email or SMS confirmations and reminders, and even cancel or reschedule their interview with ease.
  • For Recruiters
    Easily track resource availability in real-time. Book meetings manually with just a few clicks, or create booking links for each stage of the interview process. These links include all necessary resources such as rooms, equipment, and the hiring team. Share the links with candidates or others for easy online booking.

Organise events and workshops

Automate communication and reduce no-shows

Our software automates the entire communication process by sending confirmations, notifications, and reminders via SMS or email. Its key features include:

  • Sending interview confirmations and appointment reminders to both interviewers and candidates.
  • Enabling candidates to cancel or reschedule an interview.
  • Notifying both parties of any booking changes.
  • Sending feedback requests after an interview or the completion of the entire recruiting process.

A win-win solution for all parties

Streamline group events and onboarding

TIMIFY offers more than just scheduling for one-to-one appointments. It also allows you to easily schedule events for multiple participants, such as recruitment events and group or panel interviews. With TIMIFY, you can also automate the onboarding process for new team members, extending the employee experience beyond the hiring process.


Top features for recruiters

Work schedule planning

Shared Calendar

Each team member has their own login, schedule, and admin permissions, allowing them to define their availability, add holidays, sick days, and other availability flags.

Welcome Screen App

Fast Booking Widget

Book an interview or internal meeting faster. This option will scan the calendars of all team members in seconds to find the best bookable slot for all involved in a given period of time.

Individual booking links

Individual Booking Links

Create booking links pre-set to each of your recruitment processes, or reusable templates for common interview formats. Set parameters such as meeting length, language, personnel involved or room requirements.

Create service bundles

Service Bundles

Cater for any interview scenario by bundling together different formats. This could be useful for multi-stage interviews, where different recruiters or team members need to be present at different stages of the interview.

virtual meetings

Virtual Meetings

Schedule interviews via Zoom, GoToMeeting, and MS Teams, as well as our own video solution MeetMe, joining details, reminders, and cancellations are all handled automatically.

Flexible integration

Room Booking

You don't need another tool to automate scheduling rooms or equipment for meetings or interviews. You can either book rooms manually or add them as part of an event, which automatically books them when the interview or meeting is scheduled.

"Together with TIMIFY we invented the job ad 2.0 including a fully integrated scheduling opportunity for candidates. From job ad to job interview within a click! The strengths of TIMIFY are the well thought-out solutions for all kinds of special cases, the self-service options and, most importantly, the ability to integrate into other enterprise IT systems."
Philipp Geyer - CEO, Recruit Global Family Staffing & Unique Personalservice Germany
Philipp Geyer RGF

Security & Flexibility

Data security at all levels
Data security at all levels
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Auto-delete candidate data according to your own set of rules.
  • Customer data protection via 2FA, Secure Fulfillment Account Access and data encryption
Seamless integration and synchronisation
Seamless integration and synchronisation
  • Integrate TIMIFY into your existing IT infrastructure with our RESTful API
  • Synchronise TIMIFY with third-party calendars, CRM, marketing and communication systems
Tailored scheduling solution
Statistics and analytic data
  • Monitor No-Shows and Cancellations
  • Have an overview of number of interviews or meetings booked, either manually or online.
  • Monitor how your hiring marketing campaigns are performing 
  • Monitor staff capacities 

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