TIMIFY Call Centre

Our call centre solution empowers call centre agents to schedule appointments across all locations during customer calls, streamlining inquiries and enabling real-time booking.

timify call center solution
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Agent have personalised access to available slots, making appointment management a breeze. This simplification enhances productivity and reduces errors.

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A user-friendly dashboard allows for speedy booking resolutions, reducing wait times, and delighting customers.

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Secure Access

Agents are blocked from accessing employee and store calendars, but you can grant them individual permissions to control what they can view and modify.

What is the TIMIFY Call Centre?

The TIMIFY Call Centre is an efficient add-on feature designed to streamline the appointment booking process for call centre agents and customers across multiple branches or locations.

Whether you handle telephone inquiries internally or outsource them, with the TIMIFY Call Centre, you can empower agents to quickly schedule appointments or make changes on behalf of customers without providing them direct access to the store or employee's calendar. Once an appointment is booked, cancelled, or modified, it automatically synchronises with the chosen location and the resource's calendar.

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Highlighted Features

Map Overview timify call centre

Map Overview

Gain a clear overview of branches by region. Zoom in for detailed information. Click on a branch for its name and address.

scheduling module timify call centre

Easy Scheduling

Agents can search for and add customers, effortlessly booking appointments for them at any branch directly from the dashboard.

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Cancel & Reschedule

Agents have the capability to reschedule or cancel appointments at any branch. Scheduling changes are synchronised across calendars in real-time.

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Multiple Account Access

Create accounts to manage bookings by region or brand, and invite agents to access all or some of them.

timify fast booking feature

Fast Slot Finding

Speed up the scheduling process by finding specific available slots in seconds using our Fast Booking feature.

calendar real time sync

Real Time Updates

New bookings, as well as any amendments to appointments, are synchronised in real-time across the chosen location and calendar resources.

Security and Control

Enhanced Security

Activate two-factor authentication for your admin users to bolster protection against unauthorised access to your account.

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Access Control

Agents can view employee availability without accessing their calendars. Customised access rights can be assigned to limit the information they can view, modify, or cancel.

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Learn how nexeye intergrated TIMIFY Call Center to streamline the schedule of appointments across thier +725 stores across 5 countries

nexeye timify case study