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Use Case: Optician

This retailer wants to make long waiting times in stores and congested call centres a thing of the past, instead focusing on faster customer service and optimised deployment of expert staff and its state-of-the-art medical equipment. 

Appointments should be easy to book via the system, adding a practical appointment reminder function for both staff and customers to reduce inefficiency in the daily schedule. They found in TIMIFY the perfect solution.

The challenge

Digitisation in all areas is at the heart of the current corporate strategy of this traditional German company and market leader, driven by increasing competition from online providers and numerous digital innovations in the sector.

The aim is to ensure that stores are utilised to optimum capacity, but access restrictions at branches are exacerbating issues with wait times and customer experience. 

The customer remains the focus of attention. They should be able to book reliable appointments without restriction - regardless of where, when and with which device they book.

The solution

opticians benefit from TIMIFY
TIMIFY's booking system was subtly added into the existing IT infrastructure and functions as a white-labelled product. Dedicated server solutions and business specific functionalities - such as the use of their own customer authentication - enabled a seamless integration with IT systems and infrastructure. All security requirements continue to be fully met.

Specialised medical staff can now be deployed more efficiently, linking their particular skills to corresponding customer needs.

The shopping experience in stores is significantly improved, with shorter waits, reliable appointment times and fully prepared staff on-hand. Employee schedules and capacities are optimised.

In all areas, the highest level of data protection in all aspects data handling is guaranteed.


Dedicated TIMIFY Project Manager
Custom feature: Split bookings
Individual hosting solution
Custom authentication
Bespoke widgets on TIMIFY API
Dedicated developer team
Live in just two months