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Use Case: Fashion retailer

Unique service through personalised customer care is the trademark of this traditional high street retailer. Customers should not have to wait or queue in stores. TIMIFY appointment scheduling software helps to improve the shopping experience, during Coronavirus challenges but also far into the future.

The challenge

Traditional high street retail is currently facing the issue of limited numbers of visitors in stores due to Coronavirus measures, alongside the ongoing challenge of competition from online retailers. Focusing more attention on an outstanding customer experience is one solution and will likely play a major role in the survival of traditional retailers.

This fashion retailer wants to stand out from the competition by offering an extensive range of expert advice and to give target groups dedicated sessions for a completely new, relaxed and pre-planned shopping experience. In addition, further challenges like order distribution deadlines in showrooms and time limited sales campaigns in-store can only be handled by a flexible and scalable solution.

The solution

With TIMIFY's online booking system, customers now have the freedom to book in-store appointments at any branch around the clock. Shopping preferences and other important information can be collected in advance and allow in-store staff to optimise a consultation for personal shopping. 

Appointment reminders are generated automatically and, if desired, distributed via their own email instances. Sales staff and areas within the store can be efficiently reserved, helping to reduce waiting times to a minimum during the current restrictions. 

With TIMIFY Branch Manager installed it is now possible to spot and optimise trends occurring across branches and departments and respond accordingly. Furthermore, the simple and fast integration of TIMIFY to existing IT infrastructures meant it was up and running in a very short space of time.


Own email instance
Booking widgets with own design
Statistical data from Branch Manager
Increased transaction value
Coupled booking: rooms and consultants
Easy to use for sales staff