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TIMIFY Calendar Synchronisation

17 June, 2021

Choose 1 or 2-way sync between TIMIFY and Google Calendar/Office 365/Exchange using our Marketplace apps to prevent double bookings.

TIMIFY Calendar Synchronisation

In today’s integrated and interconnected business environment, combining third party systems is inevitable. However, these flexible apps give you the power to manage all events and appointments from one system, just as you wish!

Our Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365 sync apps have recently been improved, with better stability and sync reliability. Enjoy smooth import and export of all your events in both directions - to and from TIMIFY.

No complex set-up is required, making seamless appointment sharing possible in just a few clicks.

Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365

What do the apps offer you?

  • One-way sync (either Google calendars/Microsoft Office 365 → TIMIFY; or TIMIFY → Google calendars/Microsoft Office 365) OR two-way sync
  • Real-time calendar updates
  • Secure connection
  • Option to sync settings to all resources in your TIMIFY account
  • Option to apply individual sync settings for each resource

What are the benefits?

  • All your appointments - business and personal - in one place for quick and easy access
  • Prevent double bookings and improve internal operations
  • Share your pre-existing events from another calendar with your TIMIFY team members
  • Decide which team members can sync their pre-existing calendars to your TIMIFY calendar
  • Block out the times you’re not available to receive appointment bookings from your TIMIFY and it will sync with Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365.

How to use the apps?

  • Install the Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365 App from our Marketplace, via the apps module in your calendar
  • Manage your sync options from the settings tab
  • For Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365 App apps you can allow anonymous syncing, which lets your team keep their bookings or events private. No data gets synced other than the time slot for the booking or event
  • Invite the resources you share your calendar with to sync to TIMIFY
  • Manage individual resource settings, sync directions (one or two way) and specific data that should be included in the sync

For full instructions and tips, read our Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar synchronisation apps support articles.

The Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar apps are available to Premium and Enterprise customers.

Microsoft Exchange App

It is possible to to sync TIMIFY bookings to your Microsoft Exchange Calendar, and/or Microsoft Exchange events to your TIMIFY Calendar, but there are some restrictions you need to be aware of:

This app is available under arrangement for TIMIFY Enterprise plans.

This is a private app: contact your Key Account Manager or the TIMIFY Support Team if you want to start using this app.

We recommend you consult your data protection officer to ensure you select sync settings that align with your company's data protection policy.

For a list of sync exceptions, check out this article.

Try the TIMIFY Calendar Sync apps today

Activate the 14-day free trial of Premium or Enterprise to access and test the apps without charge.


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