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Hybrid work model - make it work with the TIMIFY Online Calendar

09 June, 2021

Hybrid work requires a powerful online calendar for effective team coordination. Learn how TIMIFY is the perfect tool for this new work model

Hybrid Work Model TIMIFY

Entire teams are increasingly working either 100% from home or have adopted a hybrid work model, working from home and the office. For this to work efficiently, an online calendar is an important tool for successful collaboration.

The automatization of shared online calendars allows you to save, sync, and update automatically. This helps keep errors to a minimum and gives you the ability to keep your team updated and coordinated with each other, regardless of where they work.

Two-factor authentication gives you an extra layer of protection to make sure that your employees and customers appointments are safe from any and all possible intruders you may encounter.


Every team or company is different and has different calendar requirements. TIMIFY offers a variety of adaptations to create a calendar tailored to individual needs.

  • Share online calendars

No matter how big a company is, an unlimited number of employees can be added to a TIMIFY calendar. An unlimited number of other resources such as meeting rooms or devices (e.g. projectors or laptops) can be added to calendar events. Each user can decide whether or not they want to share part or all of their calendar with their team.

  • Define administrative privileges

The account holder automatically has all admin rights. They can grant team members different levels of authorisation and determine who can see the calendar, who can make changes or delete appointments, or who can view statistics.

TIMIFY Shared Calendar
  • Synchronise calendars

If a team member uses a different calendar privately or if appointments with external people are created via TIMIFY, other calendars such as Exchange, Office 365 or Google Calendar can be connected easily to TIMIFY.

Users can see the current calendar information through real-time synchronisation. This can be adjusted in one or both directions.

This means that all calendars are always up to date and are always available for appointments.

Improve team work

Regardless of company size, what makes a good calendar is that everything can be found and viewed easily. It should not be difficult to see who is available. Our shared shift plan forms the basis for better communication, transparency and efficiency for everyone.

  • View real-time availability

Coordinating variable hours, holidays, and free time can be a challenge for companies. Successful collaboration needs to have a central view of the working hours and availability of all employees, which shows changes in real-time.
TIMIFY enables teams to see at a glance who is currently working from where, who is available part-time and who is on vacation or sick. This live view of the work plan in the TIMIFY calendar is a simple way of tracking the availability of the entire team, even across different time zones or workspaces.

  • Categorise teams

To maintain the best overview in a large company, we have developed categorisation options. For example, teams can be organised into internal groups, such as the marketing or sales department, and colour-coded for even faster assignment. In the view for a single day, the calendars of up to five people can be displayed simultaneously, or up to 11 in the weekly view.

  • View availability across platforms

Regardless of where a team member is, the calendar can be viewed, updated or edited from anywhere and regardless of the device – depending on their level of authorisation. This enables colleagues to check team availability.


The main function of a shared calendar is to organise everyone’s calendars and make scheduling easy. However, planning an appointment can quickly develop into an enormous challenge if the number of participants is particularly high, the participants are in different locations or time zones, or if equipment must also be reserved.

  • Everything available in one place

With TIMIFY’s online calendar, appointments can be scheduled according to your requirements, regardless of whether it is an individual or a group appointment. Rooms or devices can be reserved, or you can designate whether the entirety of the meeting should take place in a specific location or virtually. Recurring appointments or scheduling changes are quick to implement. Regardless of the type of appointment, they are all brought together in one place.

  • Create video appointments

It is extremely important to stay in touch as a team, especially for companies with a hybrid work model. Many TIMIFY clients use the TIMIFY integrations for Zoom and GoToMeeting to easily create one-on-one or group meetings, which fit seamlessly into the calendar. TIMIFY organises the entire process, during which all participants and resources are automatically added to the booking. The video call is easily joined via a link in the booking confirmation, without having to download anything.

  • Send notifications automatically

As soon as appointments are set, a message is sent to everyone involved and appears in all calendars. Reminders, changes or cancellations can also be sent automatically by email or SMS. The calendar synchronises everything immediately and is visible to all users of the shared calendar.


For users with hybrid work models, TIMIFY’s booking links have proven particularly useful. These are pre-set links that automatically schedule an appointment based on your pre-defined criteria, whether that be with defined groups or external partners. 

This feature can be used to create individual links that lead to a calendar where the location, the length of the meeting, the participants, specific equipment or special time slots are already pre-populated. The only thing left is to select the time for a meeting, without having to send e-mails or check availability.

When looking for a suitable date for everyone, specific time periods can even be set in which the available slots are displayed, e.g. Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons only. Making appointments for groups has never been easier.


We know how sensitive business data is, which is why the security of our software and the transparency of data processing is very important to us. For this reason, we comply with the latest and strictest data protection guidelines and act in accordance with GDPR. All data is stored exclusively in the cloud, in secure Amazon Web Services data centres located in Europe, and is not passed on to third parties under any circumstances. Further information on data protection measures can be found on our website.

Online calendars can do much more than just show what's coming up next. A great online calendar makes it easy to plan projects, manage time more efficiently, and stay on top of everything that's going on with your team.

Test the TIMIFY online calendar to see how your team can be more successful and productive.


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TIMIFY is a global leader in scheduling and resource management software-as-a-service (Saas). It is known for its sophisticated, secure, and customisable enterprise-focused technology.  

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