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Take the pain away from chaotic interview scheduling with TIMIFY

09 September, 2020

Whether you’re a candidate, employer or recruitment agency, the process of managing a schedule of interviews is often a slow and painful one.


Whether you’re a candidate, employer or recruitment agency, the process of managing a schedule of interviews is often a slow and painful one.

Endless back and forth over diary space, meeting rooms and last-minute reschedules delay filling the vacancy, waste valuable company time and frustrate everyone involved along the way.

That’s not to mention the ugly impression a chaotic interview process makes on the candidate, and subsequently your company’s reputation as they report back to recruiters and colleagues.

An interview scheduling tool takes the pain away

For many companies, manually managing the process is no longer acceptable - particularly with Coronavirus further complicating recruitment and interviewing. A digital solution is a must.

At TIMIFY we’ve seen a big increase in customers looking for interview scheduling software that can sync calendar availability between multiple parties in an instant, whilst giving flexibility to all involved.

This streamlines every aspect of the experience, from automated messages, reminders, and simple rescheduling to arranging multiple interview rounds with participants in different locations, incorporating video conferencing where required.

Candidates can choose interview slots that suit them best, at the touch of a button. Recruiters and employers save a fortune in staff time and boost their image as a fresh, forward-thinking operator.

How it works: Five simple steps to seamless, digital interview booking

Let’s look at how using TIMIFY as an interview booking solution would benefit an interview for a new project manager role at every stage.

Step 1: What do you need?

Create a service for the Project Manager interview. Set parameters such as meeting length, personnel involved or meeting room requirements. Split the appointment into separate stages with different interview panels or add intervals for tasks, tests, comfort breaks or changeovers. Common interview formats can be saved as a reusable template.

Step 2: Find and share availability in an instant

The availability in every participant’s calendar can now be collated by the software – as well as additional resources such as meeting rooms – to then present a schedule of potential slots for the interview to take place. This can be shared externally as a simple link sent to the candidate or recruiter. Any subsequent changes to any participant’s availability will be updated in real-time in the calendar.

Step 3: Make it easy for the candidate

The candidate clicks on the booking link and selects their preferred time for the interview. TIMIFY syncs with common calendar tools such as Google Calendar or Office 365, allowing candidates to add and monitor the appointment to their own schedules without issue.

Step 4: Let the system keep tabs on everyone involved

Once an appointment is booked, a confirmation message is sent to all parties. The candidate will find all the information needed for the interview: time and place, a link to join a video conference if needed, a map and an optional link offering the possibility to reschedule or cancel the appointment online.

Step 5: Automated reminders to avoid no-shows

At a chosen time before the interview date, automated reminders are sent to all participants. If the interview is an online conference or call, reminders will include joining details.

Solutions for more complex interview scenarios

There are a host of other TIMIFY features that bring simple solutions to more complex recruitment needs.

  • TIMIFY apps for Zoom and GoToMeeting make adding video calls to meetings easy, with all the features of professional video conferencing – waiting rooms, breakout sessions, presentation tools and more.
  • Split booking function – break an interview into separate sub-sessions in the calendar, allowing you to assign different resources and attendees as required. This could be useful for multi-stage interviews or even an open format interview day.
  • Fast booking feature – last-minute changes and requests are inevitable. When they occur, the Fast Booking app allows an instant search of the calendar for a specific appointment type according to a wide variety of parameters.
  • Flexible integration – TIMIFY is easily integrated with a wide range of third-party systems, from Ms Office and Google to CRMs, marketing tools and custom infrastructures. The system can often be launched quickly, with our expert team on hand for any complex requirements.
  • Intuitive user controls mean intensive training for internal teams is rarely necessary, helping to further speed up roll out.
  • Booking link app – create booking links for individuals, teams, and project groups (like interview panels), allowing clear, real-time visibility of a group’s availability to be shared at the touch of a button.
  • International operations – TIMIFY makes interview scheduling across borders simple and error-free by auto-adjusting calendars to the user’s time zone, as well as being available in all common languages
  • Group bookings – TIMIFY features a range of booking features for groups, useful for group interviews, on-boarding sessions or recruitment events and interview days
  • A powerful range of resource management features ensure meeting rooms and equipment are never double booked, while specific resources (including staff) can be auto-booked with particular meeting types.

Chat with our team about our solution

The ultimate benefit of TIMIFY as an interview scheduling tool is to recruit better employees. With so much admin time removed from HR teams and interviewers, far more head space can be committed to refining interview formats and discussions, leading to better appointments.

To find out more about how TIMIFY could be used for interview scheduling in your business, contact our team via our website to discuss further details or to book a free consultation.


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