What you need to know

  • The function for service availabilities is only available with TIMIFY Enterprise.

  • Parallel changes to the working and booking times of your resources in the shift plan for the days on which you release the service can lead to overlaps and times are sometimes not offered in the booking widget.

Step by step guide

1. To edit your service and change the general availability, please go to the Management-->Services item in your account on the left.

Then select the service for which you want to define a new daily availability.

2. Then please click on the edit icon of the service.

3. Select the "Availability" tab.

4. Activate the slider "Restrict when the service can be booked" so that it is set to "green".

5. Now enter the new booking times using days and hours.

Split bookins can now also be defined here, as with the regular working and booking times of your resource.

In your booking widget, it would now look like this using the example of the service "Consulting 30 Minutes" and Wednesday 8:00 - 17:00: