Think of tags as short descriptions or keywords that you can add to a customer profile or calendar booking. For example, you might want to have tags that can be used to identify customers as “new” or as a “referral”; or to show their preferred booking preferences, such as “AM appointments only”.

Tags are helpful for calendar bookings too. For example, you could add a tag “no show” to missed customer appointments; or “mandatory” for internal meetings where all team members need to be present.

How can I create a new tag?

You can find the tag feature under Management > Tags. Here you also have an overview of the tags you have already created, and can see how often the tag has been used.

To create a tag, click on the "add" icon.

Give your new tag a name and select a colour from the drop down menu on the right. Select whether it should be available for customers or bookings, and save it.

How can I assign a tag to a customer?

Option 1: From the main navigation

  • Search for the customer under Customers > Customer list

  • Click on the "edit" icon to open the customer profile

  • Scroll down to the "tags" field. Click on the field: a list of your customer tags will appear. Select your preferred tag from the drop-down menu

  • Save your changes.

Option 2: From the calendar booking

  • Once a customer has been assigned to a booking, click on the "edit" customer icon

  • Scroll down to the "tags" dropdown and select your desired customer tag(s)/

How can I assign a tag to a calendar booking?

  • Select the desired booking in the calendar

  • Click on the "edit" icon to edit the booking

  • Scroll down to the "tags" dropdown and select the tag(s) you want to the booking.

How can l see which tags a booking or customer has?

Simply hover your mouse over a calendar booking. If any booking tags have been assigned to the booking and/or customer, they will appear in the booking preview. Customer tags also appear in the customer profile.