The Welcome Screen App makes it possible for you to display a personalised message for each customer in advance of their scheduled appointment. You can set your welcome messages ("links") to appear at a set time in advance of each appointment, and they can remain on screen for as long as you want.

Good to Know

  • This app is for TIMIFY Premium users

  • You need to have a digital device with internet access for the app to work, like a tablet and/or TV screen

Article Structure

  1. How to Set up the Welcome Screen App

  2. Good to know: Tips and What to Expect from the App

How to Set up the Welcome Screen App

Once you've installed the app, click on the settings ⚙️ tab.

Optional: upload your company logo and/or an additional graphic. Both will appear as the background on your screen.

Next, write your welcome message. You can use the following variables to personalize the message for your next customer:

  • {%CUSTOMER_NAME%} - displays the name of the appointment booker

  • {%APPOINTMENT_TIME%} - displays the time of the scheduled booking

  • {%RESOURCE_NAME%} - indicates the employee or room

You can also create a standard message for times when there are no bookings. With the variable {%QR_CODE%} you can also link to your booking widget using a QR code. So any customers who don't book online already can do so going forward.

Before you save your messages, you can now specify how long a message will be displayed and how many minutes before an appointment the corresponding message should appear.

You can now create links in the Reception Welcoming Screen App, which will then display the corresponding message. Then simply copy the created link into the browser of the device you want to use to view the message - it could be a tablet, laptop, or smart TV.
To create the link, click on the "Create Link" button and choose which resource and what service should be displayed in the message. Already created links will be displayed below.

For example, the welcome screen might look like this when no bookings are upcoming and the default screen is displayed:

A welcome screen allows you to personalize the welcoming of your customers to their appointment in your company.