Use this app to sync your Office 365 and TIMIFY Calendars. It's really handy to have your meetings show in both - plus it stops you from getting double bookings.

Here's what you need to know

  • This app is available for TIMIFY Premium and Enterprise plans.

  • For a list of sync exceptions, check out this article.

  • ⚠️If you use Microsoft Exchange Server, synchronisation via the Office365 interface will not work❗

Article structure

  1. What the App Offers

  2. How to install the Google Calendar App

  3. Sync Settings

  4. How to Invite a Resource to sync their Calendar

  5. How to Deactivate a Resource Sync

  6. Sync Conflicts

1. What the App Offers

  • One-way sync (either Office 365 → TIMIFY or TIMIFY → Office 365) OR two-way sync

  • Real-time calendar updates

  • Secure connection

  • Option to apply sync settings to all resource calendar syncs

  • Option to apply individual sync settings for each resource.

2. How to install the Office 365 App

Navigate to Apps → App Marketplace -> Calendar Synchronization → and select Office 365.

To use the app, you need to agree with the Privacy Policy.

3. How to Manage your Sync Settings

You can manage all your sync options in the settings tab. We recommend you get this set up before you invite resources to sync.

Access the settings by clicking on the settings tab ⚙️, highlighted below.

You can manage options for each sync direction. Here are the options for the TIMIFY -> Office 365 sync:

For the Office 365 -> TIMIFY sync direction, you only have the option to sync the Event name. If there are any notes in the event, they get synced to TIMIFY

Tip: for both sync directions, you can decide whether the booking or event should sync anonymously. Anonymous syncing allows a resource to keep appointment data private, as only the event duration is synced as a "calendar blocker"

Tip: any time you make changes to your settings, these changes will be applied to all future appointments only.

4. How to Invite a Resource to Sync their Calendar

In the overview tab, a list of resources appear who have access to your calendar - including you. Simply invite the resource(s) you want to sync to TIMIFY. The red box status will change from "Invite" to "Awaiting Confirmation".

The next steps are for the resource:

  • An email from Office 365, with a link to start the sync will be sent. Note: sometimes this goes to the junk or spam mail folder!

  • Open the link, grant TIMIFY access, and then select which of your Office 365 Calendars you want to sync. Click connect.

  • An email will be sent, confirming either that the calendar sync was successful, or explaining why it was unsuccessful.

Depending on how much data there is to sync, the import process can take anywhere from a matter of minutes to a number of hours.

The resource will appear as below this when the sync is complete:

5. How to Manage Individual Resource Settings and Deactivate a Sync

Go to your overview tab. Click on the drop-down next to the resource whose settings you want to manage. You can manage sync directions, specify what data should be included in the sync. You can also view their sync log - this will diplay any sync conflicts.

The last option is to disable the resource sync.

6. Sync Conflicts ⚠️

Sometimes there is no matching availability in the "recipient" calendar: in which case the conflict appears in the Sync Conflicts tab. Then it is up to you or your resource to re-arrange the appointment to eliminate the conflict.