In TIMIFY you can create and manage all customers with detailed data.
You can create a customer directly in the customer section or add it while creating a booking.

We will show you how to proceed.

Create a new customer in the customer section

In the section "Customers", left in the menu bar of your account, all customers who you created yourself or that have booked an appointment with you online are listed.
If you want to add a new customer, you can click on the red ➕ Symbol in the upper right corner.

The customer window will open where you can enter all available data.
If you should need further fields to enter specific information, you can simply create these in the "Customers -> Data Fields" section. Here you can actually define which information you would like to request for an online booking and much more.

More information about the data fields can be found here:
Create data fields

Create a new customer with an appointment

Of course, a new customer can be created directly with an appointment. All you have to do is enter the name of the customer in the appointment window and then click on the red plus symbol. In the now opening window you can enter and save all data.
As soon as you create the appointment, the customer will also be saved in your database.

Here you can now enter further customer data such as address, contact data or individually created data fields.