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TIMIFY and Zapier - Integration

20 January, 2021

Let this app automate a variety of manual step-by-step processes.


Let this app automate a variety of manual step-by-step processes.

Many core functions of your business involve staff carrying out a step-by-step process across a number of different platforms or standalone apps.

For example, whenever a new customer is added to your database, someone will need to update your customer lists in apps such as Mailchimp or Google Contacts.

Zapier links these standalone apps together, allowing them to communicate with each other. You can then set up ‘triggers’ – or ‘zaps’ – in one platform, to trigger an action in another.

This lets you create a series of automated workflows, which could range from automatically sending invoices after customer appointments, or your customer contact data being synced across all your apps.

With Zapier installed with your TIMIFY account, you can import or export your entire booking, customer contact, resources and service data to any 3rd party apps you use (as long as they also support Zapier).

Example Zapier integrations

There are over 2000 apps ready to use with TIMIFY via Zapier, enabling you to automate processes for almost any business function you may have. 

You can search all the apps available to use with TIMIFY on the Zapier site, but below are some of the most common scenarios.

  • CRM apps: Ensure that new customers added to your TIMIFY account are automatically added to Google Contacts or any other CRM apps you use
  • Marketing and newsletters: Keep mailing lists constantly up to date with all your TIMIFY customers in apps like Mailchimp, Hubspot and Twilio
  • Accounting: Set apps like QuickBooks to automatically send invoices to customers after each TIMIFY appointment
  • Project management and support: Have specific customer actions trigger notifications, messages or work requests with appropriate teams via apps like Slack, Beekeeper and Asana
  • Reporting: Define activities or incidents that instantly trigger analytics tasks in apps such as Google Analytics 
  • Customer support: Apps such as Intercom can activate messaging services when a customer starts to book a service, lands on a certain page or clicks a particular link
  • Import appointment bookings from any other scheduling platforms into your TIMIFY account. Your TIMIFY calendar can then serve as a centralised schedule for all bookings
  • Import customer data gathered on other platforms into TIMIFY, making it your core database with complete customer details. You can then export customer data from TIMIFY to any of your other key apps

What are the benefits?

  • Set up simple automated workflows for otherwise complex and time-consuming manual processes
  • Ensure consistent synchronisation of data and delivery of processes
  • Free up staff from tedious tasks to focus on other priorities
  • Make TIMIFY your central system for all service-related processes and data
  • Simple to add new processes and triggers as your app network expands

How to use it

Read our support articles giving detailed instructions on how to connect TIMIFY with other apps using Zapier, and how to start creating automated processes.

Guide on how to connect apps via Zapier and create triggers and ‘zaps’ to automate processes 

Full list of which actions in TIMIFY can trigger processes in Zapier, and what those triggers can do

Browse the library of 2000+ apps ready to use with TIMIFY in Zapier


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