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TIMIFY for Intercom

02 February, 2021

Easy, unassisted appointment booking for clients and customers via your messaging system


Easy, unassisted appointment booking for clients and customers via your messaging system

Bring your booking availability into your website messaging service, allowing clients and customers to see and book appointments at any time, all from the chat window.

When sales leads are on your website and engage with your Intercom messaging, it’s likely that their interest in your services is at its peak.

By connecting your TIMIFY calendar to Intercom message chats or bots, leads can act on that interest by booking an appointment within the chat, picking their most convenient time.

When they do, the booking will automatically be added to your calendar, with confirmations sent to the booker, the service provider and any resources associated with the appointment.

Use your messenger chat to funnel leads to the specific booking calendar of the service they want. Offer in-chat booking to all visitors, or only to qualified leads based on their chat.

If leads want to book later, you can provide a link to the booking calendar for the service they requested, allowing them to make a booking at their convenience.

If your chat serves customers across multiple time zones, our Timezone Selection feature avoids confusion by offering appointments in the customer’s local time.

What does it do?

  • Add online appointment booking to your messenger chats and bots
  • Appointments are booked in the chat, not linked out to a booking widget
  • Real-time syncing means your internal calendar instantly reflects received bookings, whether from your messenger service or any other booking touchpoint
  • Send meeting invites to customers within the Messenger conversation
  • Use messenger chats to funnel leads to bookings for the specific service they want, rather than them having to filter through all of your services
  • Set up in-chat triggers to make booking appear only for those who need it (or promote it to all chat users if you prefer)
  • Bookers see appointment availability in their local time zone, even if the service provider is elsewhere

What are the benefits?

  • A seamless experience for leads to book an appointment or service while using your chat
  • Leads engaged with your messenger are offered a booking at the peak of their interest
  • Set up automatic flows that prompt only qualified leads to schedule time with you using bots in Messenger
  • Receive bookings 24 hours a day from across the globe
  • No worries over calendar clashes or double bookings with real-time syncing
  • Peace of mind for firms running services or centralised booking centres across time zones
  • Set up custom invitations to increase conversions

How to use it

The Intercom app is simple to integrate with TIMIFY.

For full step-by-step instructions, read our dedicated guide. Or visit the Intercom App Store to start receiving bookings today.


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