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TIMIFY COVID-19 response

20 March, 2020

All institutions fighting COVID-19 can now use TIMIFY for free 

We at TIMIFY want to show our solidarity and make a contribution during this crisis. To that end, we are making our digital scheduling system free of charge to all medical centres, laboratories, public and private organisations involved in the COVID-19 response. 

With our solution, appointments can be accurately scheduled and spaced in such a way that a safe distance between individuals is always guaranteed. The system also supports the management of your necessary resources and makes planning and control easier for all involved.

Please contact us at for advice on how to configure your system and how to manage your appointments and valuable resources as efficiently as possible.

TIMIFY free video meeting integration with Zoom and GoToMeeting 

As a software dedicated to supporting businesses innovating in digital services, the Zoom and GoToMeeting partnership was always in the pipeline.

However, our recent launch comes at a timely moment for organisations rapidly moving to online services for customers during the COVID-19 situation.

These new Zoom and GoToMeeting integrations can help businesses beginning to offer online services via video during this time, and as a result we’re delighted to offer these apps free to all until the end of June 2020 (they would normally be available for Enterprise customers only). Simply open a free account at and add these video apps to your schedule from the App menu in your account. 

Extended trial period by request 

Any business negatively affected by the current situation can also make a request to receive a special 30-day extension of our free trials for Premium or Enterprise plans. Once you register in TIMIFY and start a trial, a message will appear asking if you wish to request this extension. 

We are sure that by working together we will emerge from this situation stronger than ever. Please let us know if there’s any other way that TIMIFY can help you and your business to overcome this period. Let’s work together as a team!


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