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TIMIFY Branch Manager: Manage all your business locations from one single dashboard

19 November, 2020

Learn how to use the TIMIFY Branch Manager, a tool to help you manage, control and access statistic data for multi-location businesses


TIMIFY Enterprise is the highest tier of our software, with a comprehensive set of features aimed at businesses running appointment-based services across multiple locations. Without doubt, one of the most popular features with our Enterprise clients is the TIMIFY Branch Manager tool.


It’s often said that middle management is the hardest place to be, with pressure from above and below to be fully informed and able to take decisive action.

This is even more crucial when managing a complex system of bookings across numerous locations, sometimes in different countries, and often operating in significantly different scenarios.

Know the data. Act on it.

The TIMIFY Branch Manager tool gives powerful insights, reduces admin tasks, and allows actions to be implemented consistently at both branch level and across a service network.

Managers access the statistics dashboard for an insight of the bigger picture across the whole business, alongside localised performance.

This can be used to evidence and implement smarter business decisions, enabling adjustments to service design, resource planning, data management, admin tools, marketing activities and more.

We are constantly developing TIMIFY Branch Manager, particularly to enable more global settings to be controlled from a central management position. See below for the latest enhancements.

What can the Branch Manager do?

Let’s break the functionality down into the two main sections: Statistics and Management.


As ever, gathering insights data on a network of services and branches is crucial.

But just having the data is not enough. Managers need a tool to interpret and present local and global insights, informing crucial business decisions. Here’s how TIMIFY Branch Manager does it.

  • Statistics dashboard

A comprehensive overview of metrics across your entire network, giving you the big picture, at a glance. Include statistics such as total bookings, total online/offline bookings, most booked days and times, top booked services and employee data like overall capacity, sick days and holidays. Choose from a daily overview or select a specific timeframe to analyse.

  • Individual branch statistics

Click through to the full overview of any selected branch to view store information, resource details and performance statistics.


Branch Manager is not just a statistics dashboard for your services. Any manager with permission can take action on a number of global or local variables, all from their laptop (or other device).

Snap from the network-wide overview into an easily browsable list of all branches, alongside their top KPI (e.g. total bookings). From this view, a manager can simply click on a branch to dive into the detail for that location.

Control service design across the entire network and make global changes from the tool. Define service names, durations, and more.

Ensure that any amends made to customer data are replicated across the network (or a specific set of branches), keeping your customer database consistent and available across every branch.

Ensure consistency in the set-up and functionality of your services, from configuring the online booking process to customer messaging, notifications, calendar functions and a variety of admin tools.

Roll out apps to your entire branch network, pre-installed with the settings required. Apps could include Booking Links, Google / Office 365 calendar sync, Invoice & POS, Feedback app, GoToMeeting video conferencing and many more.

Managers can customise monitoring for particular groupings of services or branches by adding their own unique tags, for example when a promotional campaign is running on particular services.

Coming soon!

  • Global resource management

Managers can access resources across the entire business, by branch or by searching for individuals. Compare the total bookings delivered by each resource (if required), or add new resources, delete leavers or change contact details.

  • Custom permissions for individuals

While senior users of Branch Manager can make changes at the global and branch level, this may not always be desired or appropriate. Define individual permissions per employee – such as the ability to view, amend or delete certain details – allowing delegation of tasks to users across the business with localised expertise.

Understand Branch Manager for your business

There’s a lot of functionality to consider when adding TIMIFY Branch Manager to your business, with much dependent on the nature and scale of your services.

If you'd like to know how TIMIFY Branch Manager might work for your business book a consultation with our team, completely free of charge.

With a little information on your business requirements, our experts will happily prepare some examples of how the tool would work best for you.


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