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Sales teams: How TIMIFY ups conversion rates & productivity

16 July, 2021

How TIMIFY’s digital appointment scheduling system increases conversion rates and productivity for your sales team in 8 simple steps.

Sales teams: How TIMIFY ups conversion rates & productivity

Every sales team is all too aware of the time wasted organising calls and meetings, often at the expense of time dedicated to generating leads and converting them into customers.

While some sales teams have discovered the advantages of an online booking system, many have yet to explore the benefits.

Online booking and appointment scheduling empowers customers to engage with services on their own terms, while relieving booking staff from manual appointment scheduling. It significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to move prospects through the sales funnel, while delivering a convenient and personalised service.

Below we walk through how TIMIFY brings improved efficiency and greater productivity and convenience to sales teams, prospects and customers.

1. Lead generation

Modern businesses are looking to connect online and offline channels to provide a sense of continuity across the customer journey. 

Integrating appointment booking into your online presence (website, social media, Google Business) and offline channels (QR codes used for in-store, POS displays, print marketing) enables you to use your whole communication network to generate sales for your business.

2. Match customers to their ideal specialist or service

Configure specific booking rules and create dedicated or personalised booking links

Add them to strategic parts of your website or marketing campaign CTAs to get the right sales representative or service in front of the right customer. 

Our Booking Links app makes it easy for anyone in your sales team (or elsewhere in the business) to make their own dedicated links to services or resources in just a few clicks.

Make links for every stage of the sales funnel, and for each of your services or staff resources, pre-populating all the necessary fields in the booking form. 

Then integrate them on corresponding landing pages and all other touchpoints with a booking button or link. 

For customers interacting long-term with the same service or staff, create a personalised link which pre-populates the booking form, making their booking experience effortless every time.

Dedicated links can also be used in other digital channels, such as social media posts, email newsletters, email signatures or direct messages to customers.

3. Book productive calls, in-person or virtual meetings 

Modify the content of the booking form by adding custom fields for particular services and allow your customer to submit key info and preferences at the time of booking. 

This provides your team with the information they need to prepare an appointment effectively in advance, personalising and maximising the impact of the service experience in the appointment.

4. Offer customers the convenience of virtual consultations 

Video appointments are now a crucial element of many business models, even more so during COVID-19. 

TIMIFY’s partnerships with Zoom and GoToMeeting bring the time-saving convenience of scheduling video meetings directly from your calendar – with the video conference, joining links and reminders all set up instantly and automatically. 

Sales teams can now develop fresh services or campaigns based on individual and group video conferences, as well as target video-based services to relevant customer groups. 

5. Make your group events online bookable 

TIMIFY allows simple scheduling of services and events for groups, even delivering them virtually via our Zoom and GoToMeeting partnerships. 

This offers sales teams endless creative options, from V.I.P. customer events and product launches to online classes, ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions, or conferences.

. Automate customer communications

Any service provider knows how much staff time is spent contacting customers before and after appointments, in order to keep things running smoothly and gather feedback. 

TIMIFY automatically sends confirmations, reminders and follow-up messages to customers for every appointment. This dramatically reduces appointment no-shows and booking queries, while increasing repeat bookings – all without the need for any follow-ups by staff. 

This builds a trusted and efficient range of services that sales teams can be confident in promoting to leads and customers.

Our Survey App automatically messages customers after an appointment (you decide exactly how long after) to ask for their comments. In an age when customer feedback and testimonials are extremely high value for sales teams, all of this can be solicited, gathered and processed without staff lifting a finger.

7. Improve your sales strategy with statistics analysis

Tracking the set-up and performance of multiple services, particularly across a network of branches or locations, is a major drain on resource time. 

For sales teams, clear and actionable data about top performing services and campaigns is a valuable asset. 

TIMIFY offers a comprehensive statistics dashboard for your services and enables senior staff to get a performance overview at-a-glance.

8. Integrate TIMIFY with the sales tools you use daily

Integrate TIMIFY with third-party software such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, Twilio and ActiveCampaign.

Our integration with Intercom allows quick and simple appointment booking without having to leave the chat client.

Google Calendar, Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange are widely used by our clients and the dedicated integration app ensures seamless synchronisation of all your events and bookings.

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The above is a summary of the ways TIMIFY can save time and build greater efficiency in your sales team. 

If you would like more detail on any specific area or are curious about other areas where you are looking to add digital efficiencies, contact our team via the website chat today.


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