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Product Update May 2021

01 June, 2021

New security features, extended functionality, plus new integrations, find a recount of TIMIFY's new product developments in May 2021 here.

Boyan Tanchev, CPO TIMIFY

Lots of solid progress was made over the last couple of sprints.

For starters, we extended the functionality of the Branch Manager even further, with two new Global features. Important new security settings including Two Factor Authentication got developed for the core product. Plus, we built sync apps for two big German softwares.

l'm pleased we also found the time to develop a few smaller features that were sitting on our “to-do” list for too long.

As always, a break down of what’s new is below.

Best wishes from the Product Team and me.

​​​​​​​Boyan Tanchev
Chief Product Officer


TIMIFY Branch Manager

Global Iterations 

We’re making big strides in terms of the number of features we’re importing to the Branch Manager. This month we have two new additions.

NEW: Global Combined Services

TIMIFY Branch Manager Global Combined Services

Now users can create combined services on a global level, and roll them out to multiple branches in just a few clicks. Another great time saving and much requested feature.

NEW: Global Public Holidays

TIMIFY Branch Manager Global Public Holidays

A growing number of our users have branches in regions other than their head office. This can lead to confusion around which holidays get celebrated where - making it challenging to track and plan resource availability accordingly.

Now that our Public Holidays feature is available on a global level, it’s even easier to allocate national and state holidays for any region - for resources across all locations. This is really handy when you’re adding new branches, or updating existing branches, as you can add in holidays for the regions your resources are based in. Our Holiday Library contains every possible holiday in the world - so missing resource holidays need never happen again!

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

TIMIFY Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Core Product

With identity theft and social engineering techniques on the rise, two-factor authentication (when you need to provide two forms of verification to log in) significantly reduces the opportunity for hackers to access your account.

Available now in the Branch Manager, the team is already working on implementing 2FA across all apps (web, desktop, tablet and mobile), so all our users can have peace of mind their account is extra-secure.


NEW: Booking Detail View

TIMIFY Booking Detail View Core Product

Something long awaited by many users (thanks for your patience!): watch out for our new Booking Detail View. Click on the booking “details” button - the new view appears to the right. All the data fields related to the booking are available; plus, past and future bookings display too.

NEW: Security Tab and Security Settings

TIMIFY Session Length and Idle Log Out for Inactive Users Core Product

Did you notice we have a new “Security” tab in the software navigation? Over the coming months, more security features will be available here. We’re kicking off with two essentials: Session Length, and Idle Log Out.

Roughly speaking, the shorter a session interval is, the less opportunity a potential attacker has to access your account. It’s generally an agreed good practice to set your session length to 48 hours. When it comes to idle log out for inactive users, opinions vary on what a “safe” duration is: if you store sensitive data, such as financial information, the recommended idle time out is between two to five minutes. For less sensitive data, idle times average around 15-30 mins. We built these settings flexibly so you can define the exact durations that work best for you.

App Marketplace

NEW: AMPAREX Sync App (Private)

TIMIFY App Marketplace AMPAREX Sync

Amparex is a leading Patient Management Software used by Opticians in Germany. The app makes it possible for Amparex users to import their existing customers and appointments to TIMIFY, and set a continual, real time sync between the two systems. Another first: automated onboarding. AMPAREX Sync App users are led step-by-step around the app for a fast tracked set up. If you’re interested in the solution, contact your TIMIFY Relationship Manager, who’ll be happy to share more details with you.

NEW: ATOSS Sync App (Private)

TIMIFY App Marketplace ATOSS Sync

ATOSS is a leading Workforce Management Software that businesses use to manage their staff and shifts. ATOSS users can use this app to sync resource shifts with their TIMIFY Branch Manager accounts. If you’re interested in the solution, contact your TIMIFY Relationship Manager, who’ll be happy to share more details with you.


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