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Product Update April 2021

30 April, 2021

Check out our latest new features, apps and product development that our product team has built specifically for our customers

product update 2021

Time for some product news.

Stability was a core focus over the last two months. Maybe you’ve noticed the results already - our Booking Widget is quicker than ever to navigate, plus our Web and Mobile Apps are even more robust.

We also found the time to release two new apps; to launch a number of core product features - including something special for our retail users; and to expand the Branch Manager functionality…plus more besides.

I hope you enjoy the new features as much as the team and l enjoy developing them.

Boyan Tanchev
Chief Product Officer

Marketplace Apps

NEW: Reserve with Google App

Now anyone can make a reservation with your business straight from Google Search, Google My Business, and Google Maps. The booking process is quick and easy - plus it opens up a new channel for customers who discover you via Google. To celebrate its release, we’re offering the Reserve with Google completely free for all TIMIFY plans up until 30 November 2021! 

Find out more about the app here

NEW: TIMIFY Book & Shop App

Our dedicated solution for retailers who want to offer a safe and secure shopping experience. The app makes it possible for retailers to comply with the stringent shopping requirements many governments now require due to Covid, including here in Germany. 

The app allows customers to booking shopping at your place of business, with an integrated QR code scan for customer check-in and out. As with all our apps, it's scalable, flexible, and customisable.

Since we launched the app in March, we’ve added a new feature: Bulk Booking Delete. From the beginning of May you can filter customer bookings via date range, and delete multiple bookings in a matter of clicks. Users requested this in order to react quickly when regulations change, and they need to cancel multiple appointments at a time. 

TIMIFY Book & Shop is available as a private app. Contact our Support Team for more information and to access the app.

UPDATED:  Microsoft Office 365 Sync App

The new version of our Office 365 Calendar Sync is available. Updates include the option to customise sync options for each resource, as well as improved stability and sync reliability. To use the latest version, resource reauthorization is required: you’ll be prompted to do this when you open the app. And rest assured, the updates do not include any visual changes or any data loss.

Find out more here

Core Product Features

NEW: Service Combinations

Increase resource availability and productivity - as well as your booking rates - with this smart new feature. Combine two or more services (including services assigned to different resources), give them a new name, and make them bookable in one go. As with all services, you have the choice to make them available in your Booking Widget, and/or your Calendar.  The huge benefit of this feature, is that each resource gets booked for their segment of the combined service only. The result: you can find and utilise every inch of your resources’ schedules, plus offer customers the ease of booking multiple complementary services in one go. 

For Enterprise Plans.

NEW: Footfall Mapping

This was primarily built for our retail customers. Use the feature to track on-site footfall levels, and have the level display in your calendar cells by colour.  This is helpful for planning in advance how many resources to have on-site; plus it helps resources manage their day, as they can plan their work around expected visitors to your place of business.

Even better, take the feature one step further and integrate a footfall tracking tool such as Tableou, V-Count, or Quander using our developer API and automate the whole process.

For Enterprise Plans.

UPDATED: Resource Calendar Display

You’ve probably already seen the new select box for managing the resource display in your calendar… but did you notice the reorder icon? You can drag and drop resources into any order you want them. Plus, the order you set is updated to all app devices.

For Premium and Enterprise Plans.

TIMIFY Branch Manager Updates

Language Selector

You've asked and we delivered. In addition to English, the TIMIFY Branch Manager is now also available in German, Spanish, and French. Change the language from the login page or your user profile.

External IDs

We’ve added External ID support for more entities! Now you can add an external ID for Customer and Booking Tags, Data Fields, and Resource Categories. Activate External IDs via the "other" tab in Settings.

Global Customer Delete

Our feature that ensures you're data privacy compliant will be available on a global level from the beginning of May. Define customer deletion rules to automatically remove customers across branches.


Our Survey App is a favorite among users, and for good reason: the simplest way to fine tune your service offerings, is by listening to customer feedback. Once setup, the app automates the process of emailing survey requests following on from customer bookings.

The latest update gives users with TIMIFY Enterprise and access to the TIMIFY Branch Manager the option to create survey templates and assign them to services on a global level; with the option for branches to apply custom settings on a local level. Also new: you can export completed surveys by time frame, from all branches or a selected one.


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