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Optimise your customer journey with TIMIFY

22 January, 2021

In today’s competitive marketplace your brand must set you apart from competitors. In addition to providing excellent services, you can stand out by providing exceptional customer service. 


In today’s competitive marketplace your brand must set you apart from competitors. In addition to providing excellent services, you can stand out by providing exceptional customer service. 

Every interaction with customers—from their first encounter until the end of the service—is an opportunity to influence how they perceive your brand. Provide an outstanding experience and they will use you again and share their experience with others.

Companies only grow when their customers are completely happy. Brand awareness begins from moment customers hear about your company and continues throughout every point of contact.

Happy customers stand up for a brand. Unhappy customers share bad experiences with friends and on social media. Improving your customer journey helps prevent unfavourable reviews.

Using online scheduling software like TIMIFY not only offers customers an alternative way to book your services, but also assists you at every contact point, ensuring you can track and improve the customer journey.

Customer Journey with TIMIFY

1. Awareness – Make customers aware of online booking

In the first phase of the customer journey, gain customers’ attention and expose them to the types of services you offer, piquing their interest.

Emphasise booking opportunities

Offer potential customers the opportunity to connect with you and your services at every contact point. Start by integrating the TIMIFY booking widget across your website. 

You can also create a special link that leads to your booking page. Share this link in your customer communications, social media channels or even turn it into a QR code that can be displayed in your store or in your marketing material. 

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2. Interest – Give customers booking flexibility 

In the second phase, when customers want to find the best solution, they can book whatever service they want as easily as possible and customise it to their needs.

Individualise the booking process

With online booking, customers have the option of booking a service around the clock, tailored to their needs – for example, browsing to select their preferred employee, time slot, store location and more.

The process can be further optimised to better meet customer needs.

Make it easy for customers by building booking widgets tailored to particular services or offers, with specific employees or specific times (e.g. a happy hour promotion). Send a link for that unique booking widget only to customer groups you know will be interested. This way the majority of the booking form is pre-set for customers, they only need to click and book.

The advantage for you is that all the necessary resources for appointments (e.g. employees, equipment, rooms) are automatically reserved every time a booking is received. They immediately become unavailable for other services, avoiding double bookings while also giving you full visibility on how your resources are being used.

Promote additional offers

Give your customers the opportunity to book additional services during the booking process by suggesting complementary services with the TIMIFY Upselling App. In this way you respond to the needs of your customers and increase your profit at the same time.

Offer online payment and invoices

During the booking process, you can have your customers pay directly online. We work with STRIPE, one of the leading online payment platforms for SMEs. With our invoicing app you can generate invoices customised for your brand, which simplifies administrative activities and increases your brand recognition.

3. Customer communication – Keep customers updated

All points of contact after booking reservations contribute to how customers view whether their expectations were met or, ideally, even exceeded.

Good communication with your customers is essential for their satisfaction. To keep your customers fully informed after booking, send them booking confirmations, reminders or updates. TIMIFY automates this for you.

As soon as a booking has been made, both the customer and the employee automatically receive a booking confirmation by e-mail or optionally also by text message. The message can contain all relevant information about the appointment, including a map if necessary.

We recommend adding a link to the booking confirmation, allowing customers to cancel or edit an appointment if necessary, on their terms. As soon as a booking slot becomes available again, it immediately appears in the widget and can be booked by other customers.

Send appointment reminders to your customers. You choose how often. Not only do customers prefer this, but companies also benefit, as it has been shown to reduce no-show appointments by up to 45%.

4. Service – Improve on-site customer interactions 

The customer expects perfect service. This is made possible with individual support. 

Create customer profiles

With customer profiles, staff can view the details of all the requests made by the customer when booking, allowing them to respond to the needs of every individual. 

You can add to that information as required during or after the appointment, building an increasingly detailed profile with each interaction.

TIMIFY also shows you a customer’s booking history in a clear way, including past bookings and any scheduled in the future. This allows you to look after your customers better by having full awareness of their needs.

5. Customer loyalty – Build relationships with your customers 

The aim in this phase is to establish and build customer loyalty and generate further sales. Good communication from others about positive experiences will bring additional customers.

Gather feedback

Customer care does not stop when the appointment ends. This is an important time to build loyalty, connecting the customer to your company. Gather feedback from your customers to get suggestions for improving your services, or ratings for marketing purposes. The new survey app from TIMIFY offers a variety of options for this.

Analyse data

With TIMIFY you can generate data from across the entire customer journey, providing deep insights into your customers’ behaviour. 

TIMIFY's branch manager tool is ideal for companies operating across multiple locations. It gives you access to a comprehensive statistics dashboard, offering valuable information on booking trends, such as popular booking times, services or resources. 

With real-time data on information such as booking history, preferences and service options, you can learn more about your customers and further personalise their experience.

By implementing a fully integrated platform like TIMIFY with your company, customers will not only feel more valued by the seamless sales experience, but they will also show their appreciation by returning. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer.

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