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Product Update November 2021

02 November, 2021

New product features, extended functionality, plus the launch of the TIMIFY Call Center. Find a recount here:

Boyan Tanchev, CPO TIMIFY

We're back, with lots to share.

We decided it was time to expand our software in a new direction, to meet the scheduling needs of our clients who use Call Centres. Today l am thrilled to tell you that our new product add-on, the TIMIFY Call Centre is live! The software allows agents to search and add appointments for customers whilst they're on the phone. It's possible to search resource availability by branch; add customers; and edit bookings - all in real time. In keeping with our product goals, this flexibility promotes a better customer experience, and saves time for agents and customers alike. 

There’s lots of other updates too, all listed below.

Best wishes from the team and l.

​​​​​​​Boyan Tanchev
Chief Product Officer


The TIMIFY Call Centre
Brand New Product Add-On

Our dedicated scheduling solution for call centres. This product allows agents to search and schedule appointments when they’re taking customer calls.

The Call Centre is available in English, and will soon launch in German, French and Spanish. To trial the product, contact our Sales Team.

Core Product

Agenda Display

The perfect view to see a complete list of all calendar entries you and your resources have scheduled for the day ahead. Accessible from the calendar screen.

Service Allocation Groups

If you want certain services to get booked more - or less - frequently than other services, this feature is for you. Access it from the Booking Settings.

Booking Widget Disclaimer

In addition to your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, now you can include a legal disclaimer text in your booking widget. Accessible from the Widget Settings.

Online Cancellation Lead Time

We made the cancellation lead time selection more flexible. Now you can define the lead time in hours and days.

Resource Permissions

Now it's possible to grant resources the right to add new resources, and edit their permissions.

Marketplace Apps

NEW: Microsoft Shifts Sync

Our latest Microsoft integration: sync your teams’ shifts with the TIMIFY Shift Planner.


By popular request, we added the following features to our Survey App:

Survey Opt-in

Give customers the right to opt-in to receive survey emails when they schedule via the booking widget.

Standalone Surveys

Create surveys that are completely independent from services. Standalone surveys can be emailed anytime.

Display Customisations

Extended customization options include logo display, customised color display, and even adding your own CSS.


The Invoice App is one of our most popular apps. We decided to give it a boost with a few smart new features.

Automated Invoicing

Automatically generate invoices for services (including combined services) as soon as they’ve taken place; and/or for services booked and paid for online.

Bulk Download

In addition to single invoice download, now it's possible to select multiple invoices - across a given time period - for bulk-download.

Revoke Invoices

Now it's possible to revoke invoices. All revoked invoices are accessible from the new “Revoked Invoices” tab.


We made our automated meeting app even more customisable. New enhancements include:

Virtual Meeting Room Customisations

Include a logo, customise the color display, and even add your own CSS. 

If you have standalone surveys, you can include a dedicated message and link to them on the “goodbye” screen.

Branch Manager

Resource Password Reset

Branch Manager Admins can unblock resource access to their account; reset resource passwords, and confirm resource accounts.

Global Service Allocation Groups

Create Service Allocation Groups to manage how often services can be booked across all branches.

Defined Branch Manager

Branch Manager Admins can define branch specific access to Branch Manager Users. When set up, the login options appear for the permitted branches only.

Mobile App

Close modal boxes with a simple swipe down

A small but helpful UX enhancement: now it's possible to close modal boxes with a simple swipe.

Redesigned and refactored date-picker for the Fast Booking Widget

We re-designed and re-factored the date-picker for the Fast Booking Widget to make appointment searching even easier.

Support for Service Allocation Groups

Manage our new Service Allocation Group feature from your phone.


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