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Product Update August 2021

11 August, 2021

New security features, extended functionality, plus the soft launch of the TIMIFY's Developer Platform 3.0. Find a recount here:

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This newsletter is long overdue. That's partly down to us focusing on our roadmap deliverables, and partly down to the fact we had something big to celebrate: July marked TIMIFY's ninth birthday. So, we took a little time out to mark the occasion. The product has grown almost beyond recognition from V1.1, as l'm sure our loyal users who have been with us since the early days can attest! It felt right to take the time to celebrate our journey so far.

With that in mind, it seems fitting to announce another milestone: the soft launch of our completely re-vamped Developer Platform. Opening up access to our product; allowing independent developers approach our work from their own creative perspective; sharing knowledge - this is technology at its best. I am excited to see what outside developers can contribute to our App Marketplace, and how this will shape our journey forward. More on that below, as well as other news.

Have a great month!

Boyan Tanchev
Chief Product Officer

​​​​​​​TIMIFY Branch Manager

NEW: Global Permission Groups and Manager Permissions

We took the Resource Permissions feature from our Core Product and made it work in two new ways for the Brach Manager. Firstly, you can create permission types and assign them to branches; where they can be assigned to individual resources. Secondly, you can create Manager Permission Types and assign them Branch Manager users.

TIMIFY Core Product

NEW: Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

As part of our ongoing commitment to security, we made Two Factor Authentication available for all products. That means, once activated, 2FA is required for account access via web, desktop, tablet and mobile apps.

We’ve build this security feature in a really flexible way. Individual users can choose to activate it via their User Preferences tab; furthermore, Account Admins can force enable it via the Security Settings - meaning all resources must activate it.

This Support Article talks you through the essentials.

NEW: Single Sign On (SSO)

We set up Single Sign On across all TIMIFY products. You may have already noticed the option to "authenticate with SSO" when you log in.

For our first iteration, we're supporting oAuth and can integrate your organisation’s own SSO on demand. In our next iteration, we’ll be adding support for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). That means SSO can be established by you or your IT teams independently. If you're interested, contact our Customer Experience Team.

NEW: Customisable Offline Message for the Booking Widget

Up until now, if you deactivated your Booking Widget - for any reason - a standard offline message displayed for customers who tried to schedule online with you. But we got feedback telling us - quite rightly - that this was not helpful for your customers. Now, you can write your own message and have it display when you go offline. Go to Booking Settings, and select the Widget tab to access this feature.

NEW: Abbreviated Resource Name for the Calendar Display

When calendar space is limited, there's not enough space for resource names to display in full. Up until now, one or two of their initials are shown instead. But when you have some resources with the same initials - things can get confusing. So we have a new field, “Abbreviated Name”, available in the Resource File, where you can add a four character nickname to display instead.

UPDATED: Lead Times Flexibility for Bookings

We’re updating all calendar lead time settings, to make them more flexible. You can see the results in the Minimum and Maximum Online Booking Lead Times: now it’s possible to enter a digit, and select weeks or months from the dropdown.

Developer Platform 3.0

The TIMIFY Developer Platform Version 3.0 has been a long time in the making, and it pushes us further in the direction of collaborative work with new and existing partners. Now, developers can access the platform to design apps for their own private use - or to share in our TIMIFY App Marketplace. If you’d like more details, or to secure early access, contact our Customer Experience Team, they'll be more than happy to share more information with you. More details will be released over the coming months.


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