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How TIMIFY simplifies the challenges of scheduling across multiple locations

15 October, 2021

Struggling to manage appointment and resource scheduling across a large network of locations or branches? Learn How TIMIFY can help you


 As TIMIFY has grown from a straightforward online appointment booking system to a multi-faceted solution for modern enterprises, so have the needs of our clients. 

Increasingly we find that managing the complexities of a multi-location network are where our unifying and innovative system can be a defining component in our clients’ success. 

Our end-to-end booking solution has been refined to meet the following needs of small, medium and large enterprises managing a network of branches: 

  • Fast and efficient integration to branch networks of any size or complexity 
  • Vary how you manage – centrally, or allowing individual branches some autonomy 
  • Controls to adjust global and local service configurations 
  • Detailed performance overview for all locations 
  • Freedom for customers to interact with services using multiple on and offline channels 

Does this sound like the solution to transform your multi-location business? Read on, as we explain the detail of how it all works.

TIMIFY Branch Manager

To manage your multi-location operations we have developed TIMIFY Branch Manager, a powerful and flexible solution with two major functions. First, to gather and present crucial performance data from across your entire network. Second, the power to act on those insights with controls to manage, modify and edit global settings across your network, or for each individual branch. 

Global Management

  • TIMIFY Branch Manager gives centralised control of all your branches and allows you to define the portfolio of services which can be booked online, as well as share consistent customer data across all branches. 
  • Configure all accounts with settings for booking forms, data fields, widget settings and more. 
  • Control everything from a global perspective while also giving branches the option to define individual services and settings.

Statistical insight

  • Get key performance data across the network, selecting your key metrics and analysing from an overview dashboard or deep-dive options.
  • Comprehensive performance-tracking, which supports both centralised management teams with network-wide insights and individual branches with their own detailed monitoring
  • Access metrics like top performing services, branches and resources to analysing peak times, promotional activity and campaign performance
  • Add tags to customers, services and branches, enabling you to create unique groups with ease. Ideal for campaigns, bespoke monitoring or flagging customer requirements.

Efficient onboarding

Bulk upload branch accounts, including their settings and data, to have your entire network ready for online booking in seconds.

  • Fast implementation of online booking across any network size
  • No need for lengthy, expensive and error-prone data input at each location 
  • Perfect for rapidly expanding or constantly changing networks. Upload new branches, but also new resources, services and even service settings of individual branches
  • Launch new apps and tools across all or selected locations, pre-loaded with the desired settings or allowing custom set up by branch.

Independent management of locations 

Every location can be managed independently if required, allowing adaptation to their unique market conditions.

Branch flexibility

  • Centralised control offers consistency of service, individual branch controls allow innovation and adaptation to local markets
  • Functionality to allow individual locations to offer unique services (e.g. in-store pick up, personalised sessions, online events, V.I.P. experiences, video appointments) individual availability, open times, etc

Teams and resources

  • Simple to assign individuals and teams to their respective branch and set access and admin rights.
  • Bring powerful management tools to every employee who needs it. Assign custom or admin rights to each of your employees. 
  • Optimal scheduling and planning of resource per branch 
  • Create dependencies between services and essential resources, to ensure that combination of resources e.g. employee and rooms are booked for certain kind of services.
  • Smart localisation functions ensure customers and staff see calendars in their local time zone and language, while also accounting for regional public holidays and cultural events.

A multi-channel  booking solution 

Integrate a consistent online booking experience to physical and digital touchpoints, with no limits on services or locations. Customise branding across booking widgets, communications and tools.

  • Consistent interactions and branding across touchpoints, which breeds familiarity and trust among customers, encouraging return visits
  • On-premises innovations work like a virtual reception desk – from digital queue management and personalised welcome screens to QR codes for online booking that can be stuck on windows or included in marketing materials
  • An “multi-channel’ service lets customers switch between numerous physical and digital customer touchpoints throughout their journey. 
  • Define your booking workflow, creating unique booking links for different services with pre-populated information such as resources, customer, services etc. 
  • Give customers control of scheduling their appointment 24/7 from any device. Not just for booking, but also rescheduling and cancellations
  • Fully automated customer communications that are never forgotten, including booking confirmations, reminders and feedback forms

Do you have special requirements?

For companies looking for individual solutions in terms of security, software integration, we offer advance solutions that can be tailored to the needs of your business, such as access to our API, Single Sign On, On Premise Database and more.

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