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No more Scheduling Stress! How TIMIFY Simplifies Interview Scheduling

25 April, 2024

Learn how TIMIFY helps you eliminate scheduling chaos, impress candidates, manage complex interview logistics, automate confirmations & reminders, and save time


Imagine this: Your inbox overflows with emails, your phone rings constantly, and your calendar resembles a warzone. Why? Because you're drowning in interview scheduling for a massive hiring push.

Sound familiar? High-volume recruitment can be a nightmare. Juggling dozens of candidates, hiring managers with clashing schedules, and the never-ending email chain – it's enough to make anyone lose their cool.

But what if you could slash scheduling times in half, impress candidates with a smooth experience, and free up your team to focus on what they do best – finding top talent?

Enter TIMIFY, your secret weapon against scheduling chaos.

This isn't your average calendar app. TIMIFY is a powerful appointment scheduling tool specifically designed to conquer the complexities of high-volume scheduling.

"Together with TIMIFY we invented the job ad 2.0 including a fully integrated scheduling opportunity for candidates. From job ad to job interview within a click! The strengths of TIMIFY are the well thought-out solutions for all kinds of special cases, the self-service options and, most importantly, the ability to integrate into other enterprise IT systems."
Philipp Geyer - CEO, Recruit Global Family Staffing & Unique Personalservice Germany

How TIMIFY can transform your recruitment process:

Before diving into the common pain points of high-volume interview scheduling, let's explore how TIMIFY's strengths can help you overcome them.

  • Reduce Scheduling Time by 50% or More: Stop wasting precious hours on endless back-and-forth emails. TIMIFY automates scheduling, freeing you to focus on what matters.
  • Schedule interviews with a few clicks: Easily view and track hiring managers and meeting rooms availability
  • Improved Candidate Experience: Offer a modern, user-friendly scheduling experience for candidates. They can easily book interviews, access meeting details, and upload documents in advance.
  • Adapt scheduling to your specific needs: Offer individual and group interviews, in-person or virtual formats, and create personalized booking links for any combination of participants.
  • Let intelligent algorithms handle complex scheduling tasks: The TIMIFY Assistant - Powered by AI suggests new time slots or replacement participants, saving you valuable time and frustration.

Ready to ditch the scheduling drama? Let's dive deeper into how TIMIFY tackles the biggest challenges of high-volume recruitment:

Problem #1: Complexities of Scheduling Multiple Interviewers and Candidates

High-volume recruitment is complex: large applicant pools, multi-stage interviews, and scattered interviewers lead to chaotic scheduling for recruiters. This eats up valuable time and increases the risk of errors.

TIMIFY's Solution:

team scheduling
Source: timify
  • Enterprise-Grade Scalability: Manage a high number of users with a shared calendar that accommodates all your hiring resources.
  • Centralized Control with Individual Flexibility: Each team member gets their own calendar view while maintaining a central account for easy visibility and access control.
  • Advanced Availability Management: Hiring managers and recruiters can define their available interview slots in advance, even blocking off times in their calendars when needed.
  • This creates an up-to-the-minute picture of availability for every resource, no matter how large or complex your organizational structure and streamlines the scheduling process by eliminating the back-and-forth of confirming times.
  • Granular Permission Control: Grant specific access rights to individual resources, ensuring data security and privacy.
"Initially you think online booking will be simple, but once you start it becomes clear there are many complexities in getting something that fits your business needs the way you want. With many new challenges we face, we often find TIMIFY already has an answer for every detail – or if they don’t, they have the capability to develop something new - meaning we don’t need to find another third-party system to get the job done."
Philipp Geyer - CEO, Recruit Global Staffing Germany

Problem #2: Calendar Clash Between Participants

When participants use different calendars, scheduling conflicts become inevitable, leading to wasted time and frustration.

TIMIFY's Solution:

  • TIMIFY integrates with Microsoft Office 365, Outlook and Google calendars, to ensure seamless synchronization of data in real-time.
  • Real-time synchronization means wherever an appointment is booked, cancelled, rescheduled or amended, it is reflected in the shared calendar instantly, for every relevant participant or stakeholder.
  • TIMIFY’s AI-powered Assistant can do the complex schedule reshuffling for you, taking control when a hiring manager or recruiter cannot attend. Let it recommend a new time slot(s) that works for all, or even a suitable replacement participant where appropriate – before auto-sending update notifications to all participants once the change is confirmed.

Problem # 3: Booking Multi-Stage, Multi-Participant Interviews

Manually generating booking links, collecting candidate information, and sending confirmations are time-consuming tasks.

TIMIFY's Solution:

  • TIMIFY’s Booking Links App lets recruitment agents create one link, sent to all participants, showing the time slots when they are all available
  • Create a personalized link for any combination of participants required, maintaining the same link for recurring meetings with the same participants.
  • Available time slots shown at the link are updated in real-time, meaning any change in any participant’s availability is immediately reflected.
  • Add time limits to the Booking Link, allowing recruiters to control an application window for certain roles.

Problem # 4: Interview Format Variety

The variety of interview formats in modern recruitment – in-person, remote, individual, group, etc. – creates scheduling headaches for recruiters. This complexity is amplified by the rise of remote work, making interview planning time-consuming and confusing.​​​​​​​

TIMIFY's Solution:

calendar job interview appointment types
Source: timify
  • TIMIFY’S appointment booking solution can schedule any appointment type; online, in-person, group, individual, assessment centers, multiple participant and more
  • This means whatever the format, all participants benefit from online booking, Booking Links, automated confirmations and reminders, resource management.
  • Our integrations with Zoom, GoToMeeting and Teams ensure seamless scheduling of professional video interviewsmeetings and conferences.
  • Use TIMIFY to schedule a recurring template of onboarding sessions for new employees, both in-person or virtual
  • Split longer sessions into smaller chunks, assigning different human and non-human resources to be booked only for the chunk they are required.
  • Calendar automatically synchronizes to different time-zones, avoiding any time-slot mix ups.

Problem # 5: Time Consuming Manual Tasks

During the recruitment process, recruiters still face time-consuming tasks like sending notifications and collecting pre-interview documents. These can lead to communication errors and unprepared candidates, negating the benefits of efficient scheduling.
TIMIFY's Solution:

  • TIMIFY sends automated confirmations and reminders to all meeting participants. You choose how many reminders to send, and how long before each appointment.
  • If the appointment time and date is amended, either by an organizer or by the applicant, the system updates meeting details instantly and notifies all participants. Any booked resources will also be amended automatically.
  • Email Confirmation. It includes all the info needed for the candidate such as direction of the interview place, login links for virtual meetings and links to reschedule or cancell and appointments(optional).
  • Allow applicants to upload documentation in advance, saving time wasted in interviews to discuss paperwork. 
  • TIMIFY can also send post-appointment feedback surveys, allowing recruiters to gather crucial opinion on the process from both candidates and employers. 

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TIMIFY streamlines the entire process, allowing your recruitment team to focus on what they do best – attracting and hiring top talent. Ready to see how TIMIFY can transform your recruitment process? Book a free demo today and discover how TIMIFY can help you get the best people on board, faster.


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TIMIFY is a global leader in scheduling and resource management software-as-a-service (Saas). It is known for its sophisticated, secure, and customisable enterprise-focused technology.  

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