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How TIMIFY’s digital scheduling maintains and improves recruitment processes

20 July, 2020

With almost every industry and internal process impacted in some way by coronavirus, the knock-on effects for recruitment are numerous.


With almost every industry and internal process impacted in some way by coronavirus, the knock-on effects for recruitment are numerous.

Some companies may be suffering reduced trade, with others experiencing a surge. More still will find a shift in demand from one business department to another.

Each places a strain on recruitment – whether it be an urgent need for workers in essential services, boosting digital teams or seeking one or two specialists to navigate a new business model.

However, with social distancing restrictions and remote working affecting usual recruitment channels, some adaptation is required.

Here we look at how TIMIFY’s online booking system can help overcome these challenges and enable essential recruitment to continue.

Seeking new candidates

From trade and careers fares to open days and outreach activities, many firms relied on public events for discovering new candidates before the lockdown.

With these events on hold, some businesses have had success hosting them online.

An online open day or ‘meet the team’ event is simple to set up and promote, giving anyone interested the opportunity to connect and speak formally or casually about job prospects.

Some may wish attendees to register their attendance in advance, enabling contact with attendees before and after the event, while also capturing key data.

An online event could simply be a day of one-to-one appointments with individuals or something more complex - a schedule of talks, presentations, Q&As and break-out sessions for informal chats or interviews.

How can TIMIFY help?

  • Use TIMIFY to create a group event that can be booked online by an unlimited number of attendees
  • Create a booking widget and embed it in your website, Facebook page or share a booking link to allow people to book attendance directly from whichever platform they are using
  • Our video conferencing app integration with GoToMeeting allows you to add video meetings to any type of event and manage their scheduling at the touch of a button
  • Split online events into multiple sub-events, using your internal TIMIFY schedule to assign staff and resources required for each session
  • Create a booking form to gather information in advance from attendees when booking online.

Conducting interviews

Face-to-face interviews were difficult during lockdown and will continue to be as we enter the new normal. Phone interviews are rarely an effective alternative.

However, many firms have found the improvement in video conferencing technology and the normalisation of this form of interaction to actually improve aspects of the interview process.

Even before coronavirus, interviews that required a panel of senior executives would often be drawn out for weeks due to availability.

Now, with remote working the norm for office-based roles, video conferencing allows a dispersed interview panel to easily conduct an interview together – even dropping in and out as required.

The ease of adding attendees may even allow wider teams and specialists across the business to be more involved in an important interview process, without scheduling headaches.

Video conferencing apps such GoToMeeting make giving presentations or sharing documents easy and even give an applicant an opportunity to demonstrate their digital capabilities.

Breakout rooms are also a valuable feature, allowing separate conversations or assessment tasks to be conducted within one overall video conferencing event.

How can TIMIFY help?

  • Use TIMIFY’s digital calendar to easily coordinate interviews with applicants and internal staff
  • Remove the headache of scheduling a day or week of interviews. TIMIFY booking links show the dynamic availability of an individual or group from one clickable link. Share it with applicants or recruitment agencies to simply book interviews without emails back and forth
  • Our video conferencing apps with GoToMeeting allows you to add video meetings to any type of appointment and manage their scheduling at the touch of a button
  • Any rescheduling of appointments is automatically communicated to all attendees
  • Use a booking widget embedded on a specific online site (e.g. recruitment agencies, job centres, special interest websites) to offer direct access to book an online interview
  • Pre-set which resources are required for interviews, such as staff members, rooms and equipment. These will be auto-booked whenever an interview is scheduled.

Further benefits

Aside from the core activities of interviews and finding candidates, there are a number of other benefits to using TIMIFY’s online scheduling system for the recruitment process.

  • Data security of the highest standard, keeping applicant and company data safe and confidential at all times
  • Easy integration with internal systems and external partners, such as recruitment partners
  • Use the shared internal calendar to manage scheduling and resourcing of digital onboarding processes, such as team introductions and online training
  • Create a profile page or custom field in the booking process to share key information or required preparation for an interview
  • Use remote working and video conferencing to open up a whole new recruitment market – find candidates in different countries or even continents who meet specialist requirements

Think TIMIFY could be the solution to a help you manage appointment booking efficiently? Get in touch with our team via our website to discuss details or book a free demonstration.


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