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How businesses use Reserve with Google to increase revenue

04 May, 2021

Expand your reach, appear first in search results and let customers book services directly in Google–TIMIFY offers integration with Reserve with Google

reserve with google and timify

Google is a place where people go to discover and use services. Thanks to ‘Reserve with Google’, customers can discover your business and make appointments directly on your Business Profile that appears in the Google search result. There is no need to visit your website or call ahead—the customer searches, finds and books.

TIMIFY is Reserve with Google partner, meaning TIMIFY users can offer direct bookings to their customers  from their Business Profile on Google. This provides businesses with another channel to receive bookings and can potentially increase sales. This is particularly useful to companies that offer on-site services—especially for regaining a foothold after coronavirus restrictions.

What is ‘Reserve with Google’?

Reserve with Google is a service that allows users to book an appointment or reservation with nearby service providers via well-known Google products such as Google Search, Google Maps or Google Assistant.

Reserve with Google greatly simplifies the booking process. Now customers can search for a service, see photos, read reviews and book an appointment via a booking button on your Business Profile ever having to leave Google.

If the customer clicks on the booking button, a list of bookable services appears with all the available dates and times. After booking, the customer receives a confirmation email with the option to add the appointment to their calendar.

Participation in Reserve with Google may be limited to certain geographic areas or industries, so it’s a good idea to check if you’re eligible beforehand. Click here for further details.

What are the benefits of Reserve with Google for your business?

Reserve with Google offers enormous advantages, providing benefits across many areas of your company.

1. Increased Visibility

In order for companies to attract customers, they must be visible. When customers use Google to search for a service, their first organic results are a map and list of services.

This is where new and potential customers can find your Business Profile, which includes information about your business, images, reviews and links to your website. Therefore, it’s extremely beneficial to have a booking button available at the exact moment customers make their purchase decision. This makes committing to a booking just a click away, minimising the likelihood that users scroll on to the next search result.

2. New customer acquisition channel

Finding new customers can be a challenge. You must have a good understanding of what customers are doing when looking for a new service provider.

If customers are looking for a service provider online, they may already intend to buy. However, if various options are available, there is a high probability that they will choose the provider who has the easiest booking system. By having a booking button on Google Search or Google Maps, customers can make an appointment 24/7 at the times most convenient to them.

3.  Enhanced customer experience

With Google, customers can find you on any device and at any time without difficulty. Thanks to Reserve with Google, customers no longer have to navigate away from Google to find your services or look for contact information to call you on the phone.

This allows your customers to make a seamless transition from searching to booking. You offer your customers exactly what they are looking for at the very moment they need it, leading to a positive user experience. Remember: happy customers often become returning customers.

How does Reserve with Google work with TIMIFY?

While Google provides your customers the opportunity to book appointments immediately after searching for you, TIMIFY coordinates the behind-the-scenes organisation. Reserve with Google seamlessly integrates into TIMIFY’s booking system, becoming an important component in your omni-channel strategy. Regardless of whether your bookings come from Reserve with Google, your website, Facebook, phone calls, offline materials or spontaneous visitors, TIMIFY manages all appointments reliably and error-free on your central booking platform, making double bookings impossible.

Do you want to get started with Reserve with Google?

To start benefiting from this integration, you must have a Google My Business Profile on Google that matches your business information in TIMIFY. If you are not yet registered, you can sign up via for a Google My Business Account at:

You can find detailed instructions on how to connect your TIMIFY account to Reserve with Google on our support page. 

If you have any further questions about Reserve with Google and how it works with TIMIFY, please contact our team. Just send us a message through our website chat.


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